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Vacation Dilema I'm at home, in Nebraska for a week with my family. My little sister is graduating from college and all the relatives have come pouring in. My mom makes a chicken salad with light ranch dressing. I ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
What to Expect From Your First Acupuncture Session The first time I went to see an acupuncturist, I was actually quite scared. There you are, on the table, suddenly realizing that you have paid this person to stick needles into you! Will it hurt? Is t ...
Jun 29 2007 11:49am
More and more insurance companies are including coverage for acupuncture. If you can't c ... more
Nov 18 2008 12:58pm
Best Way to Fight Blackheads Blackheads are caused by the oily secretion in the pores or hair follicles that have become clog with skin cells. The name blackhead comes from the fact that it becomes black in color due to it’s ex ...
Jul 14 2009 4:41am
If You want to stop hair loss The next era in reality TV shows is here and it’s going to change the way America looks at hair loss – and the hair restoration industry. Hair Loss Confidential will catch people facing hair lo ...
Jul 25 2008 6:33am
Hair Loss is very frustrating which people of ... more
Aug 09 2012 10:02am
Montreal hair salons and montreal spa website Find the best Montreal spas & salons information. Find the best Montreal massages, facials, cellulite treatments, laser hair removal, haircuts & color discounts & reviews. Use our Montreal spas search ...
May 15 2009 9:56am
Find the best Montreal Spas, Day Spas and Hotel Spas at SpaAndTravel.Com. Browse and compa ... more
Sep 24 2009 7:48am
Tangled Matted Hair Solutions & Remedies  It realy frustrates me that women's hair loss from serverly matted or tangled hair  is much more common than most people realize.-and it's  not even taken that seriously by hair stylists.  Altho ...
Jun 03 2009 10:48am
CHI nano hair dryer,air straightener,CHI,GHD and new brand style Dear sir,,   For the new year is beginning,all the products in our company are sold with the promotion prices,welcome to our website to choose the products you requi ...
Jan 27 2010 12:20am
Gray Hair and Health Does anyone know if there are certain health choices that affect whether or not people get gray hair at an earlier age? Or is purely genetic?
Aug 05 2007 5:29pm
Great food for your hair If you want fuller, thicker locks, you needn't look to the latest haircare advancements for gorgeous tresses. These protein-rich superfoods are all you need to get the kind of hair people love to ru ...
Apr 27 2008 8:03pm
Hair and UC My hair has seemed not it's normal self since I've been diagnosed and under treatment for UC.  Does anyone else have or had  this problem?    Thanks!
Oct 06 2011 8:36pm