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Teens learn nutrition do's in supermarket For a group of urban teen girls, lessons in nutrition began in the produce section and ended in dairy at a suburban supermarket a few miles from their school. But the give-and-take was the most energe ...
Mar 21 2007 12:30pm
Getting Fit to Learn at Recess According to a team from the Harvard Family Research Project, school recess is the perfect time to instill long-term fitness values among kids. It’s better than PE (physical education) classes, since ...
Sep 26 2007 12:35pm
Great place to learn about, and register for, Triathlons is a great place I've learned of to find more information about and register for triathlons. For example, you can register for The Nation's Triathlon in Washington, D.C. now from the site ...
Jan 04 2008 6:43pm
Active is ok for general info and specific race info, but if you want to get the REAL sc ... more
Jan 18 2008 12:07pm
Lesson 7 ~ Learning Learn by Unlearning what you have Learned.
Dec 20 2007 10:14am
Things I learned on the way to completing an Ironman Little things I found out while training for Ironman Louisville 2007 - Swimming: People have varying opinions about whether or not shaving your legs makes you a faster cycle ...
Apr 01 2008 11:00am
Enjoy this summer in Egypt and also learn Arabic Enjoy your summer and have beautiful tan in Egypt and also learn Arabic language, Arabeya Association offers it's summer program in great prices plus the social activities, visiting the Egyptian his ...
Mar 25 2010 2:51am
Learning to play Just learning how to play. Would love to find people to hit with in Golden Gate park and if anyone has tips for beginners, send them my way. I literally picked up a racket for the first time in Apri ...
Jun 01 2007 7:53pm
At, you can find tennis facilities in your area offer inexpensive ... more
Jul 18 2007 5:42am
I want to learn to cook healthier Ok, I guess that would mean I have to learn to cook first :-) If anyone's got any EASY, healthy recipes, would love to hear them. Thanks!
Jun 02 2007 1:31am
It's really easy to cook healthy. You don't have to be a gourmet chef. Fruits and vegg ... more
Aug 29 2008 3:24pm
Learn from Others' Critical Mistakes A few friends of mine recently competed in the 2007 Boston Marathon, running for 26.2 miles in record-breakingly crappy weather. Luckily, the heavy rain had subsided by race morning, leaving them on ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Tips for a beginner interested in learning to swing dance My friend and i are planning on trying to learn how to dance the jitterbug, the lindy hop, long do you think it will take,what do you think is a good price for private and group lessons, an ...
Jun 07 2007 11:53am
Where do you live? . I would suggest you go to Lindy Groove online - that way you can chec ... more
Jul 19 2007 9:27pm