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Tapping around Is anyone else in love with tap dance? That sound of the heals clicking on the ground is unbeatable (apart from maybe the sound of the ocean). Anyway, tap dancing is a great workout and a fun way to ...
Sep 29 2007 4:50am
... gh for me to go to. There is not an advanced tap class in my town that is truly advanced a ... more
Jun 02 2008 11:41am
Tap water in the news There has been a lot of discussion around water: How much water should we drink? Is bottled water better than tap water? Drinking bottled water is wasteful. But check out this news ...
Mar 24 2008 6:24pm
... ter bottles, they need to test and clean our tap water first! more
Mar 25 2008 4:41pm
Come Dancing: Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, and More Broadway Dance Studio in Astoria, Queens, offers lessons in Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Pointe at reasonable rates. All levels taught; private and semi-private lessons available. Please contact ...
Sep 14 2007 10:04am
tap dance is there a tap dance class for adults in new orleans?
Feb 09 2008 8:37am
Mayer Martha School of Dance offers adult tap classes every Tuesday evening from 7:30 p ... more
Feb 11 2008 4:26pm
Water filtration Water filters are relatively inexpensive and improve the overall taste of your tap water as well as the smell, and appearance.  Many filters will also remove some harmful chemicals found ...
Feb 18 2009 10:31pm
There is a new 14 stage water filter out, over a thousand dollars now, but should come d ... more
Mar 09 2009 6:43am
Chronic Motor Tic Disorder????? I'm trying to find the reason for these annoying "habits" I've had for a long time.  The most bothersome symptom is that I'm constantly 'tapping' my toe while I walk.  I feel that my right toes aren ...
Dec 13 2009 2:36pm
Skip the Bottled Water I remember when bottled water was new and a big, who on earth would want to pay for water when you can just get it from the tap? Yet now bottled water has become so "de rigeur" that we h ...
Oct 21 2007 5:24pm
Learn the truth about bottled water quality at more
Feb 06 2008 3:20pm
Water, Water Everywhere! Water - the same everywhere, no? The answer is a definite NO! My first suspicions about the stuff that comes out of the tap were many years ago, when my dishwasher went on the fritz. The repair line t ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... lifestyle folk. says this about tap water (just knowing this makes me want to ... more
Aug 08 2007 8:22am
Getting Kids to Get Fit My son, like his dad, is a serial team sports player. Since he started tee-ball in preschool and moved on to basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf, and lacrosse, it's never been hard to get him to ...
Aug 17 2007 10:42am
I couldn't agree more. The point is to get kids moving. We tried swimming, soccer and ba ... more
Aug 20 2007 4:35pm
Starting A Spiritual Circle I think one of the nicest ways to unwind from life's stresses is to gather with a group of like-minded people and form your own "spiritual circle." I've been part of one for the last two years or so-- ...
Nov 14 2007 11:32am