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Taking Prenatal Vitamins - General Discussions

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Prenatal Vitamins and Folic Acid Importance Now that I am baking baby #2, I am careful to take prenatal vitamins. Though I started taking them when we were trying to conceive, it is especially important now. During the first few weeks of a fe ...
Apr 01 2008 8:36am
smart thinking,what goes in your body is so inportant more
Mar 16 2009 4:22am
Pre-natal vitamins For awhile, I was taking pre-natal vitamins (was not pregnant) to encourage my hair to grow. And I tell you what, it worked! My hair grew like a weed and I was so excited, because it was the first tim ...
Jul 11 2007 9:22am
... B is actually eight different water soluble vitamins that create the B-Complex vitamin w ... more
Mar 04 2013 10:48am
Weight gain while pregnant What better time to let your eating go insane than when you’re pregnant? You won’t feel as guilty when you gain weight, and you always have a valid excuse due to “eating for two.” Well…not really. ...
Jan 27 2007 3:08pm
Amen sister! I just had a beautiful baby boy 4 months ago and there were a few things tha ... more
Feb 02 2007 4:33pm
Tips & Precautions before taking Vitamins and Supplements Vitamins and supplements are taken for their health benefits, but if they are not taken properly, they can have harmful side effects. Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your vitamins a ...
Aug 17 2007 10:52am
These are some excellent points, thanks for sharing :o)  For #2, I would have to say ... more
Jul 24 2009 11:36am
Vitamin Supplements vs. Vitamins in Food In the past I have supplemented my diet with a few specific vitamins that I have read may be helpful and/or difficult to get enough of in foods (i.e. glucosamine-chondritin). However, I have also rea ...
Jun 10 2007 9:25pm
... mments here on the right track, i.e. how the vitamins / foods are processed, sourced, the ... more
Apr 20 2010 2:05pm
Get Your Vitamins Through Diet While many health addicts swear by their vitamin pills, it turns out that middle-aged women at risk for heart disease do not get much benefit from taking vitamin C, E or beta carotene, according to re ...
Aug 14 2007 5:06pm
Whether It is Nobler for a Vitamin to be Natural or Synthetic We all know the importance of taking our vitamins. But, which vitamins are best for us in the long haul of health and fitness? Learning to read vitamin labels helps you determine what kind of vitamin ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
traveling with vitamins It’s so hard to travel these days, what with the quart sized little baggies, taking out your laptop and shoes. They also say that lost luggage is on the increase. So, I try to take everything on one ...
Oct 10 2007 5:09pm
I measure them out and dump them into one bottle. It's not as efficient as Kenna's method ... more
Oct 16 2007 2:50pm
Vitamins 'could shorten lifespan' Taking certain vitamin supplements may adversely affect people's lifespan, researchers have suggested. Millions worldwide use antioxidant supplements such as vitamins A and E, and beta-carotene. Loo ...
May 07 2007 12:31pm
Be smart about your vitamins When taking vitamins there are a few rules to go by according to Joy Bauer, the TODAY nutritionist: Drink plenty of fluids Only purchase vitamins with a "USP verified" logo. This means: ...
Oct 22 2007 3:42pm
Thank you Mike M. That is so true. I am an associate with Usana Health Sciences and they ... more
Jan 19 2008 11:52am