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New guide promotes Latin American Diet Pyramid A new food pyramid, designed to encourage Latinos to eat healthier, touts the staples of traditional Latin-American cooking as the path to better nutrition. The Latin American Diet Pyramid emphasizes ...
May 02 2007 11:14am
Guided Meditation is Often Easier to Start With Are you intimidated at the thought of meditating? Have you tried to meditate, only to fidget and find yourself worrying about your day? A good way to start meditating is to use guided meditation. The ...
Jun 28 2007 10:49pm
Stephanie, You are definitely right that following guided meditations is a great way ... more
Sep 09 2009 6:39am
Have you Ever Tried Following a Guided Meditation? As editor of My Meditation Garden, I've been requested by many of our readers to post more information on guided meditations.  I have been meditating for about 9 months now and have seen and felt ...
Sep 09 2009 7:26am
Ever Battled Stress with Guided Meditations? I created My Meditation Garden, as a result of all of the stress that I felt while practicing law and owning my own law firm.  Meditation led me to realize law was not my calling and that I was actu ...
Sep 09 2009 7:29am
While yoga and meditation are proven by their use for centuries, some people still have di ... more
Jun 08 2010 1:45pm
Free 15 minute guided relaxation I'm in the process of developing a relaxation package called  Alpha 15.  The basic idea is to provide a way to eliminate stress in both body and mind in a very short span of time.  So, no matter h ...
Jun 21 2009 8:39am
I don't see why not, David.  The program is strictly audio and isn't dependent on any part ... more
Jun 08 2010 2:18pm
Free 15 minute guided relaxation (Just posted this in the Stress Reduction community, but I think it's relevant here and may be helpful to some)    I'm in the process of developing a relaxation package called   Alpha 15.  The ...
Jun 21 2009 9:17am
Your Guide to Eating Out Eating out can be difficult since most nutrition information is not provided. The American Diabetes Association gives great tips such as: Table Tips, Dining on Time, The Fast-food Challenge, and wh ...
Jun 05 2007 1:30pm
Also check out Wellternatives, it helps you eat healthier without having to give up your f ... more
May 08 2008 10:27am
Canada Food Guide for Toddlers 1-2 Grain Products- 5 or more toddler-sized servings per day Example of a serving: 4-6 crackers Vegetables & Fruits- 5 or more toddler-sized servings per day Example of a serving: 2-4 tbsp fresh, fro ...
Oct 30 2007 3:28pm
A guided qigong meditation Here is a simple meditation from a medical qigong program that focuses on grounding your energy. It involves a simple 1-4 mnuemonic - One is Fun, Two is Shoe, Three is Tree, Four is Core. Obviously ...
Jul 24 2007 9:05pm
Mark, Thanks for the Qigong meditation. I will make sure to try it out this week. ... more
May 03 2009 7:21pm
Guide to hiking in the Dolomites (Italian Alps) The Dolomites (Dolomiti) are a section of the Alps mountains. They are located 70% in the provinces of Belluno (Veneto) and the rest in the provinces of Bolzano-Bozen, and Trento (Trentino alto A ...
Feb 04 2008 9:06am
Thank you Kristen! more
Feb 05 2008 12:19am