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Swallow That Anger Sometimes, a good way to reduce stress is to simply not get provoked. A difficult thing to do, but sometimes it is worth it. There are times when we get angry over a situation that is really ...
Sep 24 2007 7:18am
it is correct that "this bottling up of emotions leads to some of the health problems" b ... more
Nov 16 2009 11:34am
Almonds: Weight Control and Disease Protection Back in the late 70's and early 80's almonds were celebrated as the food to prevent or cure cancer. Then, the "fad" or popularity died down. Perhaps, the AMA stiffled the celebration. Today, a ...
Sep 13 2007 7:20pm
Super Nutrition I love sample packs of vitamins, creams and so on. Especially, natural food or holistic health products. I was given a sample pack of Super Nutrition, Easy-Swallow, Opti-Pack, which is antioxida ...
Sep 24 2007 11:10am
Hiking with History This Sunday, I will share the day with neighbors and Ken Fisher, our local historian. We will do a 4 hour one way hike through our local canyons while Ken educates us on the history of the early 1900s ...
Sep 27 2007 2:38pm
My Current Beauty Vitamin! I'm always investigating beauty vitamins - for hair, skin and nails - and for about six months, I've been taking Murad's Clear Skin Dietary Supplement. It promises to reduce blemishes by 55% in six we ...
Jul 17 2007 9:27pm
Cloves too stinky? But you live forever! Has anyone else ever noticed that in all those articles about people living to be 100 or whatever, the person always says that they eat a lot of garlic. I was really curious as to why this bad b ...
Jul 27 2007 4:51pm
10,000 steps to better health When it comes to health and fitness, the magic pill may not be a pill at all. It may be something much harder to swallow. Many U.S. health professionals are adopting the decades-old directive o ...
Feb 04 2008 10:43am
I have issues with my back and my doctor prescribes walking as the best thing to do for it ... more
Feb 19 2008 6:43am
Master Cleanse garners praise, criticism At 6-foot-4 and 212 pounds, Scott Campbell doesn't need to lose weight. But there he was, squeezing lemon juice and mixing it with maple syrup, bottled water and cayenne pepper. It is part of an extre ...
May 08 2007 11:31am
What can happen in one moment Given time and inspiration, what can be accomplished in 100 years? In 1908, the must-have vehicle was the initial Model T as it rolled forth on rickety spoked wheels for the first time from the For ...
Jun 04 2008 7:06pm
Thank you Nirmala for shaing your comments and for reading my post. I agree with your sent ... more
Sep 01 2008 4:22pm
Grown Up Diet Lemonade! Grown Up Diet Lemonade A bunch of diet books and celebs have been touting the lemon juice/cayenne diet. But many diet experts are backing away from the liquid-detox diets, because other toxins can bu ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Water, lemon juice, hot sauce and equal? YIKES!! It sounds awful. Does this work better ... more
Aug 25 2007 7:41pm