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Summer Fruit Salad Recipes - General Discussions

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Great summer recipe So, here's a fun, healthy way to encourage people in your family to eat a bit more fruit. Cracker parfaits: Basic, whole wheat crackers Fat free vanilla yogurt or whipped cream Strawberr ...
Mar 12 2008 7:00am
Great Summer Cocktail Recipe: White Wine Sangria We all know that alcohol can be good for us in moderation, but are there any drinks out there that pack in vitamins and antioxidants, and that give us fresh alternatives to the humdrum summer cock ...
Jul 30 2007 3:11pm
This sounds so delicious! I will make it the next time I have a bbq. Thanks! more
Jul 30 2007 5:10pm
Make Your Labor Day Feast a Healthy One With the upcoming Labor Day festivities, researchers at the American Institute for Cancer Research are asking all Americans to reconsider what they put in their Labor Day picnic boxes. According to ...
Aug 26 2007 8:27pm
Healthy Menus to jump-start your Spring! Finally the sun was out today the thermometer showed above 40 and I glanced at the covered bar-b-cue in anticipation of Spring – Summer fun-time cook outs. I am determined to eat more fish less meat – ...
Mar 01 2009 12:58am
Sounds great! I love fruit in salads too :) more
Mar 13 2010 10:48am
Don't Scream After Ice Cream Traditional ice cream is made with heavy cream, which is loaded with saturated (bad) fat, sometimes as much as 10 grams per half cup! Add in the trans fat (also bad) found in the cookie and chocolat ...
Jul 08 2007 5:04pm
School holiday ideas Do you ever get stumped for ideas when it comes to entertaining your kids during the school holidays? For holiday snacks, try choppe ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Surviving the critiques This weekend, I’m going to be critiquing another restaurant. I had a choice of all kinds of places: steak houses, country-fried foods, family pasta places. Instead, I am choosing to review a restaur ...
Aug 29 2007 10:57pm
You have us all at the edge of our seats. Was the restaurant with home-grown produce any ... more
Sep 16 2007 1:24pm
fruits in salads I think the greatest salads are those with a bit of fruit mixed in. Try adding some mangos or madarin oranges with a rasberry vinigrette dressing, maybe with a splash of dry mustard. Pears and apples ...
Jul 24 2007 8:48pm
Smoothies....a healthy snack My boyfriend makes this great smoothie-pretty simple, with orange juice, frozen strawberries and bananas. It's great, and it's a light drink that's perfect for the summer days. After looking online an ...
Jul 02 2007 2:40pm
New Recipe: Potato Salad for Your Picnic I decided I needed to expand cauliflower's horizons beyond it's being my pizza ho, so I put together a better than old-fashioned Potato Salad. It's good stuff, Maynard, and it's very low-carb, wi ...
Jun 29 2008 7:05am
LOL! That's awesome! ---------------------------------------------------- " Dream! Believ ... more
Nov 15 2009 5:26am