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Genetically Modified Foods: Boon or Boondoggle? When you bite into an apple, you pretty much know what you're getting. The same can't be said for many packaged foods, which often contain ingredients that have been "genetically modified." Corn and ...
Apr 05 2007 11:05am
The Good, Bad and Ugly of Nutrition: Fats DAIRY: Good: Raw goat cheese, nonfat cottage cheese, kefir, unsweetened yogurt, raw/skim milk, buttermilk, rice and soy milk. Bad: All soft cheeses, pasteurized/artificially colored cheeses, ice c ...
Aug 17 2007 12:23pm
Yay For Fat! So maybe fried cheese is still out, but that doesn't mean you should forego fats altogether. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are good for you! While there is some disagreement about exactly how they work and ...
Oct 16 2007 6:20am
Avocados!!! These little gems are rich in potassium and vitamin A, and are a great antiox ... more
Feb 07 2008 8:41pm
KFC, Taco Bell complete switch to oil with no trans fat KFC's fried chicken buckets soon will be stamped with a health message along with the famous likeness of its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. The banner proclaims that its chicken has zero grams of ...
May 02 2007 11:17am
Top 10 Breast Cancer Fighting Foods October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and in honor of that, here are 10 of the best foods to help lower the risk of this disease: 1. Almonds. A great source of monounsaturated fats. Researche ...
Oct 05 2007 1:08pm
I think I'll go have some salmon prepared with garlic and olive oil, with some white beans ... more
Oct 08 2007 9:37am
Dunkin' Donuts to Eliminate Trans Fat from Menu Dunkin’ Donuts, that famous pit stop for policemen and sugar fanatics alike, is trying to improve its rep and create a brand-new image that will, hopefully, entice the health-conscious to partake of ...
Aug 27 2007 1:02pm
I think the ban on trans fat on some states in the northeast is great. And I'll be truthfu ... more
Oct 09 2007 6:28pm
Tips for vegetarians from Tips for Vegetarians Build meals around protein sources that are naturally low in fat, such as beans, lentils, and rice. Don’t overload meals with high-fat cheeses to replace the meat. Calcium-fo ...
Jan 27 2007 2:53pm
I love adding fun and new things to salads. They are so versatile and really do taste good ... more
Mar 06 2007 3:33pm
Eating for Heart Health Heart disease is currently one of the highest-ranked causes of early mortality in adults. There are many factors involved in heart health, and one of the most important is diet. Here are some heart-he ...
Mar 29 2007 11:42am
I’d probably get bored of eating apples three times a day, every day! I prefer to take a c ... more
Sep 30 2009 9:46am
Honeybee die-off threatens food supply Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation's honeybees could have a devastating effect on America's dinner plate, perhaps even reducing us t ...
May 07 2007 12:38pm
Super Soy Nuts to the Rescue! I love soy nuts. They are a delicious little baked snack made from whole soybeans. They are similar in taste and texture to peanuts, but slightly crunchier. Chock full of isoflavones, they are as good ...
Jun 30 2007 1:04pm