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Soy Protein Versus Whey Protein - General Discussions

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10 Nutrition Tips 10 Nutrition Tips If you buy butter or margarine, look for the whipped, lower fat versions available in tubs. Use them sparingly though, because they're still concentrated sources of fat. Ha ...
Aug 13 2007 8:56am
Whey Protein for Your Health Looking for a protein powder? Look no further—whey protein is one of the highest-quality bioavailable proteins on the market. The reason it’s so great? It provides the raw material for glutathione ...
Aug 02 2007 7:38pm
Whey Protein for Fighting Bacteria Whey protein is one of the most effective immune-boosting substances out there. This is because of the amino acid cysteine that can be found in whey; it helps to ward off bacterial and viral infecti ...
Aug 13 2007 4:24pm
Peach Barbeque Chicken - Another Way to Dress Up Your Protein Use skinless boneless chicken in this delicious recipe for Peach BBQ Chicken --it's not only lower in fat, but the tasty marinade easily flavors the skinless meat. Use assorted pieces -- breasts, thig ...
Jun 04 2007 4:48pm
Protein Variety Do you eat a variety of proteins? Are you thinking that I mean a variety of meats? Actually you might be amazed at the amount of protein in the foods you eat everyday! Most foods contain a variety ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Protein Helps You Pump It Up Regular strength-building workouts with weights are the best way to keep your muscles strong and fight the natural loss of strength that happens as you age. But it's also important to get enough prot ...
Jul 21 2007 4:54pm
Eating protein with carbs I just heard a famous singer never eats protein with her carbs. Why would someone make sure not to do this?
Jun 26 2008 4:25pm
... e chicken and potato salad. But if I eat the protein and veggies/salad or the carb and veg ... more
Jun 26 2008 6:01pm
crown capital management jakarta indonesia: Protein to combat reef-destroying starfish   A group of scientists in Australia has announced this week an potentially effective way to eliminate the destruct ...
Oct 18 2012 7:01am
Veggie bikers need to eat protein after ride In response to a vegetarian cyclist who has lost a lot of weight and needs to build muscle mass, molecular biologist Pamela Hinton says at that vegetarian athletes need to eat mo ...
Aug 30 2007 6:07pm
... ough, I do like peanut butter on whole grain protein bread.) more
Oct 04 2007 3:41pm
The new protein sports drinks According to Prepared Foods magazine, there’s a new sports drink out there aiming to outperform Gatorade. Cadbury Schweppes is putting out Accelerade, with a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. Reputable s ...
Sep 30 2007 11:59am
... nic fresh veg and fruit along with some good protein like fish...that is the way to increa ... more
Oct 02 2007 6:22am