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Build a healthy lifestyle: Replacing simple carbs I'm trying to make a healthy change every week in hopes that after a year I'll have painlessly created a new lifestyle for myself. This week I thought I'd look over the carb situation. When I ...
Dec 29 2007 1:37pm
Simple, tasty, and healthy vegetable drink This one is simple to make. It is quite filling so I normally have it before dinner, or during one of my hunger pangs. You needOne CarrotTwo TomatoesOne small cucumberMix them all up in a mixer ...
Jul 31 2007 2:55am
Simple Tips for Losing Weight Losing weight should not be about counting calories, following a fad diet, deprivation, over-exercising, or obsessing about food 23 hours per day. There are simple, enjoyable things that you can do t ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
this will work on for me. this is so much true, we really don't need to make it harder f ... more
May 15 2010 3:07pm
5 Simple tips to reduce stress at work. It is said that some amount of stress is good because it helps you to be more productive. But too much of it can be disastrous. So here are 5 simple & applicable to help you control stress ...
Sep 09 2007 2:47am
Simple Habits to Lose Weight Here are some really simple habits that you can try to incorporate in your daily schedule to shed that weight. 1. If you delay eating until you are famished, you will probably end up having a heavy m ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Hi. That's a great tip on breaking down the snacks in terms of how many calories you need. ... more
Jul 09 2007 12:15am
Simple Ways to Get Fit and Lose Weight 1) Instead of opting for elevators, take stairs whenever you get the chance. 2) Rather than hopping into your car all the time, opt for walking as much as you can. 3) Toss the carbonated, high ...
Sep 14 2007 1:14pm
The idea is simple The idea is simple: I want to go to the gym at least one hundred times this year. I don't necessarily have to accomplish anything in particular while I'm there, but I need to at least show up. ...
Jan 24 2007 6:57pm
10 Simple Steps to a Thinner You "In this age of Big Macs, TV dinners, and Slurpees, people on the go are increasingly packing on the pounds and seeking ways to battle the bulge. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to not only sh ...
Apr 14 2008 11:15am
Thanks! I love both sites veddy much! :) more
Apr 15 2008 12:59pm
does any one know of a really simple healthy cook book I always come across books that state they are simple! But to me honest, I don't have many of their ingredients in my pantry! Maybe I need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff, or I’m hoping to find ...
Mar 03 2008 11:40am
Hi Erica, I still have "The Healthy College Cookbook: Quick. Cheap. Easy." which ... more
Mar 03 2008 3:17pm
A Simple Workout during Pregnancy Squatting would probably be high on every grandmother's tip for a pregnancy workout. It is a great exercise that works the thigh muscles and opens the pelvis. And it's very simple to do. Here's how ...
Jul 08 2007 1:14am