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Look Out For Your Outlook! (1/2) Did you know that by choosing your outlook on life you can reduce your risk for problems such as: depression, poor communication, loneliness, aggression, hopelessness, getting stuck in the role of vic ...
Jun 03 2007 2:24pm
Have a Happier Time on This Earth The typical U.S. lifestyle has become increasingly more isolated, thanks in part to our iPods, the Internet, and communing online. If we become too attached to our impersonal, electronic gadgets, we r ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Touch me if I'm here! If people go without touch for extended periods of time, it’s detrimental to their mental health. There have been studies where baby Rhesus monkeys will cuddle with a toy stuffed with nails, just to ...
Jul 28 2007 7:51pm
Well...I think touch can be wonderful but I don't think it i ... more
Mar 21 2008 12:01pm
Ask for a Hug! Alright, don't follow this advice if you're one of those creepy people who are going to ask for a hug and hang on for too long. But look, if you are not getting physical contact from other people at ...
Aug 22 2007 11:05am
Exploring the Root Chakra We are so busy being stressed and cooped up in ourselves and our lives, that we sometimes forget the importance of simply breathing, and not just out of our mouths but using the root of our bodies. ...
Aug 15 2008 11:54am
Any time I'm stuck with feelings of anxiety or powerlessness, I always return to my root c ... more
Aug 18 2008 11:32am
Indian Head Massage - Relatively new to North American spas. Unlike the majority of people I know, head massages have never been one of my favourite touch therapies. If, during a body treatment or facial, there’s an added bonus of head or foot massage, I u ...
Aug 24 2007 1:28pm
Panic Attacks May Reveal Previously Unsuspected Chronic Disseminated Lyme Disease Journal of Psychiatric Practice November, 2000 VIRGINIA T. SHERR, MD The author describes the histories of three patients with panic-like episodes that turned out to be related to un ...
Jul 09 2008 6:07pm
It is just right to diagnose someone properly and look closely to the signs and symptoms t ... more
Sep 17 2010 12:35am
Laughter and stress relief Stress-relief benefits from a belly laugh Laughter's health benefits are no joke. A good sense of humor can't cure all ailments, but data are mounting about the positive things laughter can do. ...
Nov 07 2008 5:28am
it is good artical. more
Nov 10 2008 11:57pm
Being Aware of Self-Help Cults and Scams I'm a huge fan of self-help but sometimes there is a dark side. Two huge movements in the personal development world have some skeletons in the closet. The first is Landmark Education, which uses ...
Nov 25 2007 7:35pm
... s an outgrowth of all this manipulation.  It touches on how by focusing the individual on ... more
May 18 2010 7:05am
Sugar Buster's Diet Ok, so I’m completely biased when it comes to “fad” diets. Typically, I automatically despise them, denounce them and declare them bogus…and I’m usually right. Admittedly, that’s what I did with Sug ...
Feb 05 2007 12:51pm
Of course! It's just I'm somewhat surprised you haven't heard of it, i ... more
Feb 20 2007 10:25am