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New documentary: Living with Schizophrenia “Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for Hope and Recovery” is a half-hour documentary film that tells the story of three people who are living meaningful lives with schizophrenia. The film sets out t ...
May 17 2011 9:39pm
Be Inspired: Shannan's Story Some people have it tough, and others have it very tough. Shannan Hutchinson is one of the latter. Shannan has Multiple Sclerosis - yet despite the phenomenal challenges posed by her illness, Shannan ...
Mar 19 2007 2:27pm
Awesome, inspiring story! This is a must-read for all of you dedicated runners out there. It's the story of a marathoner who would pass homeless shelters in Philadelphia each morning on her run, and was inspired to help thos ...
Apr 04 2008 7:12pm
That is such a great story- thanks so much for sharing! more
Mar 13 2010 8:42am
Another inspiring weight loss story-and blog I love the "Fit Nation" feature on that tells inspiring stories of people who have lost weight. The story of Muata Kamdibe is especially inspiring. He once weighed 310 pounds, and has lost 1 ...
Jul 05 2008 3:26pm
I love Fit Nation too. It is a great show. I agree, Muata Kamdibe's experience is so ins ... more
Jul 08 2008 1:42pm
Post your pregnancy or childbirth story! Hi all, At RH Reality Check we are asking women to share your (short) pregnancy and/or childbirth stories to help a fabulous group, Raising Women's Voices, advocate for women's health care issues ...
Oct 14 2008 1:52pm
hey all, this is an interesting discussion for sharing pregnancy experiences.... well ... more
Feb 16 2010 10:55pm
Crown Eco Capital Jakarta Fraud Management Solutions - COVER STORY: Jakarta races ahead despite challenges COVER STORY: Jakarta races ahead despite challenges   PHENOMENAL: Jakarta’s rapid growth is set to continue despite glitches   At the end of 2012, practically every property report had c ...
Jul 03 2013 3:41am
Share your story from the Tour of Anchorage We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things for extraordinary people who just want to be ordinary. Share your personal story with the Team...
Mar 26 2007 9:22pm
"Story of Stuff" I discovered an incredible video online, "Story of Stuff," that talks about how getting rid of clutter in our lives can open us up to new possibilities and even lead to spiritual liberation in ways we ...
Jul 28 2008 2:11pm
Burn Victim Survivor Story My father Mike Teters was in a propane explosion on May 15, 2006. He had no insurance, due to a previous knee accident. He is now disabled and may be loosing his home. I am setting up a website : www. ...
Dec 26 2008 4:11pm
My story with MS an a bone marrow stem cells transplant On the road to a bone marrow stem cell transplant in 2006     I was Dx in 2000 at age 28 when I lost my eyesite in my left eye of course. Gained my eyesite back with steroids. ...
Mar 23 2009 2:59am
Well thank you for such kind words!  I know I was on the same floor that I did my transp ... more
Sep 08 2009 9:32am