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Stop flying It's so painful! Traveling has always been one of my favourite passions. But flying is one of the biggest environmental disasters on the planet. Check out a band called "Seize the Day". They ...
Sep 08 2007 3:50am
Sand and Indoor VBall Stanford Intramurals offers opportunities to participate in volleyball, either sand or indoor, almost year round. Indoor (6v6) is offered winter quarter and sand (4v4) is offered summer and spring, no ...
Linda C.
Oct 19 2007 8:22am
Hi, Linda, Thanks for your information! Are there any opportunity to learn/ game ... more
Aug 09 2008 9:10am
Flying On the same note as my other question - another traveling question. Why does flying cause dehydration? How much water should I be drinking to combat this and does taking medication like Dramamine cont ...
Jun 22 2007 12:22pm
Air Travel. At 30,000 feet (9,150 meters) the atmosphere inside a plane has to be artif ... more
Jun 22 2007 3:03pm
sand volley ball beginning Hello every body, I like to learn to play sand volley ball. Do you know if they are some eginer classes close to Palo Alto. In stanford there are only intermediated and advanced. Take ca ...
May 09 2008 10:33am
Same here, I would love to learn as well but I don't know where for beginners. more
Aug 09 2008 8:19am
Classes fight boredom with pole dancing, trapeze flying, 007 trai You know you're in an exercise rut if you find yourself staring down the clock on the treadmill or hypnotized by the speedometer while spinning. Elisa Jacobs, a staff writer for L.A.'s s ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
5 fun ways to stay fit! Top Five Super-Fun Ways To Stay Super-Fun Fit! (Betcha didn't think of these.) This week, Darren Rowse at Problogger put his readers up to a challenge and asked them to write a "Top 5 ...
Aug 16 2007 9:57pm
... /stay fit. Do you know where they offer the flying trapeze in the bay area? more
Aug 23 2007 10:01am
Curious What it's Like I'm wondering who out there has actually participated in this sport. It seems so scary to me - you're like a teradactyl (I mean, how DO you spell that word???) but the wings aren't a part of your body ...
Jul 20 2007 10:46am
... :) I'm still fascinated by the idea, because flying is, in many ways, this perennial ultim ... more
Nov 13 2007 5:19pm
Get Weighted Down to Pick Up Your Speed If your a runner who's in the market to increase in speed then add a little extra edge by adding some weight. You've run hills, done intervals, tried some fartlek but you need more. What's left ...
Apr 10 2008 10:52am
Dreaming the Impossible Dream? On Purpose I had a friend ask me what she could do to make sure she finished her novel this year. I asked her what she'd tried. She gave me a laundry list of false promises she'd made to herself, tales of calend ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Where to find hang-gliding classes, locations California has plenty of places to learn how to hang glide and beautiful places to practice it. If you just want to experience it before deciding whether to take classes, you can take a tandem flight ...
Aug 30 2007 6:08pm
You can Find all of the Hang Gliding location in the USA at . is your one stop ... more
Dec 10 2010 3:29pm