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10 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Personal Trainer 10 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Personal Trainer We all could use a little help with exercise; whether you're just starting out or you've been at it for a long time. Working with a Personal Tra ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Scottsdale Personal Trainer. If I am a personal trainer I must log on to to have brief idea on personal trainer.
Jun 05 2008 1:15am
PumpOne: Personal Trainer in the Palm of your Hand iPod Personal Trainer Wouldn’t you love to have a personal trainer help whip you into shape? But who can afford one?. They typically cost over a $1,000 per month and can be hard to fit into your ...
Jun 16 2008 10:54am
Personal trainer-week 1 I just signed up at a gym and had my first two sessions with a personal trainer this week. Other than the strong suspicion I had this morning when I got out of bed that my trainer may be trying to ki ...
Nov 16 2007 8:33am
I'm interested to read about your experiences. What kind of exercises is he having you foc ... more
Nov 19 2007 5:34pm
Scottsdale Personal Trainer By taking the tips of personal trainer you can have a good health.
Jun 01 2008 10:45am
... to to become a personal trainer. more
Jun 01 2008 10:47am
free personal trainer sessions. could someone let me know how i might arrange for the two free sessions with a trainer? i completed the questionnaire and met with a fitness person, but never received any information on how i might ...
Jul 10 2008 7:14am
Book Excerpt: Organic Inc, by Samuel Fromartz This article about industrial organic farming is an excerpt from 'A Spring Mix: Growing Organic Salad', a chapter of the book Organic Inc.: Natural Foods and How They Grew, by Samuel Fromartz. Publi ...
Mar 17 2008 1:54pm
Go Raw, Baby Raw food is cropping up all over the place faster than you can say "sprout me a grain." This trendy new form of extreme veganism involves eating uncooked organic and vegan foods heated up to only 118 ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
The one that immediately springs to mind is Cafe Gratitude. They initially opened a restau ... more
Jan 16 2008 1:55pm
Time for a Trainer If you are new to exercise, then you definitely need a personal trainer to get you on the right track. But even if you have been at it for years you still need to consult a trainer periodically. Whe ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Can you help, looking for a local trainer specializing in lower lumbar injury I am ready to improve my world, become a healthier and physically stronger person and a role model for my son, family and colleagues. I had back surgery in 2006 - and wish to increase my core strength ...
Nov 08 2007 1:54pm
Hi Bruce, You can search for a personal trainer in your area under the Local ... more
Feb 04 2008 12:10pm