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Rhesus Negative Blood Group Dedicated to discussion and resarch of A Rh-, BRh- AB Rh- and O Rh- blood types, disease research, genetics, origins.  This group is very diverse and makes for a wonderful learing community...people ...
Sep 21 2011 6:10am more
Sep 21 2011 6:15am
Negative thoughts...those stealthy little buggers A little scenario: You're perfectly happy and going about your business, maybe even delightfully surprised by the realization that you're all right and all's well with the world. Suddenly, in the mi ...
May 16 2008 3:47pm
Negative-calorie gifting It's a silly name for what I think is a pretty cool idea. It comes from the time when I complained to a friend that I was still hungry after eating an apple, which I had done to satisfy that hunger. ...
Feb 13 2008 7:20pm
rh negative is anyone out there rh negative, and with a child with autism
Sep 25 2009 7:56pm more
Sep 21 2011 5:53am
A Few Rules about Weight Loss There are a billion messages out there telling us how to lose weight, and the quips usually include "Fast"! While the idea may sound enticing, there lies a problem. Our bodies may respond favorably ...
Jan 11 2008 10:26am
Nirmala, I couldn't agree more. Getting fit shouldn't be a chore, and these rules are not ... more
Jan 15 2008 12:23am
Tennis rules Do any of you tennis-playing Wellsphere members out there have any questions about something that once happened on court and you're wondering if the rules had been followed? Or do you just have a ques ...
Feb 19 2008 10:49am
Fitting in 30 minutes of exercise daily: The 3-minute an Hour Rule This is a good rule to follow for those who just cannot seem to get the time to exercise. Here is what you need to do. Once an hour, just get up and hop, skip, or jump – just do whatever you wa ...
Sep 23 2007 10:12pm
...I have to ask, isn't it better to work out a consistent 30 minutes so you can develop e ... more
Oct 09 2007 11:41pm
Rules of Handball I remember playing handball in middle school, but I forget the basic rules and regulations of the game. Does anyone know? Also are there any handball leagues?
Jun 06 2007 12:48pm
Colorful Salads rule I always try to make my salad more colorful. This is not only fun to watch and more exciting in terms of the tastes, but it is also a great health boosting strategy. It seems that the great nutrients ...
Oct 05 2007 12:25am
Blood Type Calculator   Blood Type Calculator The calculator is used to determine the blood type of child when the blood type of parents are known. Blood groups are classified by the ABO system and the Rhesus type sys ...
Aug 16 2009 5:40am