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Reiki Energy Healing Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing brought to us by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the late 1800s. It is gentle and very easy to use once you learn it. You receive the "power" to do Reik ...
Feb 03 2008 11:37pm
good for human health more
Oct 29 2009 4:01am
Reiki and Drum Beats I find the constant rhythm of a drumbeat very soothing. Recently, I found that Reiki also uses drumbeats as a healing method. Called ‘healing drumming,’ it uses the sound of a drumbeat to int ...
Sep 28 2007 2:51am
I have heard of Reiki Drumming but I have not experienced it ... more
Oct 18 2007 4:22pm
The life force linking Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki. I try to do yoga as often as I can and I found out something really interesting. A long-time instructor explained how Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki are so deeply interlinked. He said that the ‘Chi’ ...
Aug 20 2007 10:59pm
Reiki 101 What the heck is Reiki? Good question! Like Yoga, there seems to be a lot of variation on the definition and practices of Reiki. It can be a spiritual practice, or simple a therapy said to aid in h ...
Sep 14 2007 6:32am
... s validate personal truths. Knowing where Reiki comes from (Recently defined - Japan 19 ... more
Aug 13 2009 12:01am
Free Meditation CD will have you meditating like a zen no time! Centrepoint is offering a free meditation CD for people interested in meditation. Apparently, this CD offers loads of valuable benefits,, and is easy. Anyway, it is free so you have nothing to lose! ...
Oct 02 2007 6:34am
I just signed up for the free demo CD, so I will update you once I have listened to it. more
Oct 12 2007 10:23am
Mindfulness Meditation Course The Mindfulness Program in the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine Clinic is designed to teach mind and body awareness techniques for coping with physical or psychological symptoms from stress ...
Oct 19 2007 4:39pm
... people who ever introduced me to mindfulness meditation techniques--well, not in person bu ... more
Apr 18 2008 9:48am
Meditation, mind and the full moon Meditations are highly beneficial to do in a group on full moon nights. The mind and the moon are connected, and on full moon days the mind is very light. The Art of Living Foundations conducts ...
Sep 28 2007 8:55pm
... ething slightly intimidatins, yet alluring. Meditation is more about peace and calm, but ... more
Oct 11 2007 5:05am
Restore your mind with Meditation Our mind is something which can be easily influenced by surroundings, other people, circumstances and whatever. Once your mind is lured or manipulated by something unholy you are likely to suffer. Thi ...
Feb 26 2009 3:20am
Two Meditation Centers to Clear Your Mind It's no surprise that San Francisco is a meditation cloud nine of sorts. Since the mid-sixties, when Buddhist meditation became popularized in the Bay Area, the practice of sitting with oneself and e ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Meditation for Back Pains? Watch video... We all know that meditation has incredible benefits to both your mind and your body. But, did you know that meditating can also help you decrease back pains? Have you ever tried meditation as an alt ...
May 14 2009 11:37am