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Recommended Fibre Intake - General Discussions

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High Fibre Foods Nutrition Site Moss Greene BellaOnline's  Nutrition  Editor Having a great list of high fiber foods list of high fiber foods and a high fiber food ...
Mar 26 2011 5:01pm
WHY FIBER A regular daily intake of fiber helps keep our bowels working regularly and prevent constipation. By providing bulk and softening stool, the pressure of hard bowel movements is eliminated. Fibr ...
Mar 26 2011 5:12pm
Hi. Thanks for the fiber overview. Any thoughts on fiber and gut microflora, and the impac ... more
Mar 30 2011 8:21pm
What the ADA says about fiber Dietary fiber consists of the structural and storage polysaccharides and lignin in plants that are not digested in the human stomach and small intestine. A wealth of information supports the American ...
Jan 26 2007 8:10pm
AHA on Fiber The American Heart Association recommends eating a variety of food fiber sources. Fiber is important for the health of the digestive system and for lowering cholesterol. Foods containing fiber often a ...
Jun 02 2007 1:13pm
Eat your fiber!!! I feel bad for fiber. Highly ignored and relatively low on the list of nutritional importance for many of us, but oh so valuable! Found primarily in plant foods, fiber is the structur ...
Jan 26 2007 7:37pm
FiberOne is my cereal of choice. I get 14 grams of fiber (57% dv) in just half a cup! I th ... more
Oct 30 2008 9:00am
Fiber One versus Allbran Trying to increase my fiber intake, I've started eating fiber cereal daily. The two that pack the most punch are Fiber One and AllBran. I had been getting Fiber One...tastes pretty good, I even munc ...
Jul 12 2007 8:39am
Fiber in Stevia I've heard that Stevia has fiber. How much would you have to take to have it really add to your fiber intake? Anyone have experience with this?
Jul 31 2007 10:49pm
Great product I use.  Comes from plants origin and doesnt extract it to the extent big c ... more
Dec 23 2009 12:38pm
Fiber Rich Foods   Fiber is a very good source of nutrients for your body. A deficiency may increase a risk of constipation, hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, colon cancer and heart dis ...
Dec 05 2008 11:04am
7 grams of fiber per serving seems like a lot for cereal. By the way, what is the diff bet ... more
Dec 09 2008 8:49am
Tropical Fruit for Fiber! I was reading some pamphlets that I picked up at Whole Foods and learned that tropical fruits are especially rich in fiber! I think because fruits growing in the tropics are so sun-filled, they are al ...
Jul 17 2007 7:41pm
Fabulous! Now I'm going to make tropical smoothies throughout the year! I love guava juice ... more
Aug 30 2007 1:07pm
Beautiful fiber is NOT more than skin deep If you are trying to get more fiber in your diet, don’t skin your fruits and vegetables. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. The skins have lots of insoluble fiber which passes thro ...
Aug 25 2007 7:04am