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The Raw Milk Debate I didn't know at all that raw milk was consumed by a large amount of people, though it doesn't seem to be a number nearly as high as those who drink pasteurized milk. This article on (click ...
May 06 2008 8:25pm
... ed it when I was a kid. I'm not a big fan of milk anyway, so I'm not sure I could warm to ... more
May 12 2008 8:35am
Grass Fed Raw Milk Natural Cheese My name is Eldore Hanni, president of Farmstead Fresh Inc. We make cheese on an organic farm. Our cheese products are professionally made from 'One Step Above Organic' grass fed raw milk. No grai ...
May 01 2010 6:11am
We manufacture 100% Organic Grass Fed Butter Oil / Ghee from Green pastures in spring an ... more
May 20 2010 5:41pm
White Tea and its Health Benefits Certainly, you know everything there is to know about the health benefits of green tea, but perhaps you aren't aware that white tea (which has a lighter, more delicate flavor than its "pigmented" co ...
Aug 13 2007 4:26pm
Unpasturized milk may reduce asthma, allergy risks Children who drink unpasturized farm milk when very young may have a reduced risk of asthma and allergy, according to a new study conducted in Europe. Researchers studied 14,893 children, between 5 an ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
No More Milk! The British Medical Journal has recently reported that milk may not be a useful source of calcium. The editorial shows that there is not as much evidence to suggest drinking milk helps to build str ...
Aug 21 2007 11:55am
... on the availability or benefit of calcium in milk. The study suggesting poor correlation b ... more
Oct 12 2007 12:04pm
Faux News: Breast Milk for Weight Loss This week while trawling the web I came across an article in a Japanese website that talked about research into Lactoferrin. Apparently daily supplements of lactoferrin led to a significant reduction ...
Apr 11 2007 5:31pm
Skim milk best for pumping up muscle mass Weightlifters who drink skim milk after a workout will build about twice as much muscle as those who rely on soy beverages, a new study suggests. What's more, milk is far cheaper than supplements spe ...
Apr 20 2007 11:32am
Milk May Be Best Post-Workout Drink According to a study by researchers at McMaster University, milk might be the best drink post workout, as it helps you gain muscle and burn fat. The researchers looked at the effects of drinking two ...
Aug 13 2007 6:14pm
Cow's Milk Does a Body Good (Maybe Even Better than Soy) Don’t get rid of your cow’s milk just yet! According to a recent study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the protein in cow’s milk is actually twice as effective in building muscle post ...
Aug 20 2007 1:45pm
Two Percent Milk is NOT Low Fat Recently the fact that Starbucks switched from whole milk to 2 percent milk in its espresso drinks made news. And many of us reach for the 2 percent when we’re trying to lower the fat content in our ...
Sep 03 2007 5:34pm
Whole milk (1 cup): 150 calories, 70 calories from ... more
Jul 19 2008 9:44pm