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Scan and X-ray information Having any hospital scans or tests can be daunting. However, it doesn't need to be once you know all the facts. So, here's a quick run down of everything you need to k ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Heat wave! There is a heat wave going across the central US and people are loving it! I have been able to quickly climb hills and lots of folks are outside, stretching out their limbs. It’s nice to be able to ...
Jan 09 2008 10:12pm
Shock Waves for Stress Fractures Reports in the American Journal of Sports Medicine have found a new treatment remedy for stress fractures that seems to reduce recovery time. Good news, considering the injury can keep a runner out ...
Jul 28 2007 6:17pm
... Chronic illnesses benefit greatly from shockwave therapy. This is simply because it creat ... more
Sep 14 2010 1:50am
Big Wave Surfing If you could, would you ever surf a big wave? I often watch those big wave surfers with much fascination and a little envy. I know I will never be able to surf one of those massive waves in my lifetim ...
Jan 20 2008 11:31pm
Brain Wave entertainment Does anyone know much about brain wave entertainment and the benefits they bring. Also, which one is the best?
Oct 30 2007 2:52am
Quantum Mind Power. I tried Quantum Mind Power and it seems pretty good so far. It is als ... more
Oct 30 2007 3:41am
A ripple of inspiration....a wave of hope I recently met a hero of mine, someone who has made my Monday mornings turn from blah to beautiful for the last two years. I jumped at the chance to meet him (yes, literally jumped out of my chair a ...
Feb 26 2008 2:26pm
Paul spoke at two conferences I attended. I met him personally at the most recent of the ... more
Mar 09 2008 5:04pm
Managing Osteo-Arthritis in the Hips Dear Fellow Well-mates, I wanted to share with you some ideas of dealing with osteo-arthritis in the hips—and trying to avoid hip replacement surgery, or at least delay it as long as poss ...
Jan 24 2007 1:06pm
Hi: I have severe chronic pain in my lower back but also butcher knife pain in my hip ... more
Feb 27 2009 1:10pm
Turn Off the TV and Radio...Just for a Moment This might be harder to do if you live with others, but if you want to be able to meditate better, find some time during the day when you are not bombarding yourself with outside noise and input...i ...
Oct 05 2007 5:56am
I have a life that is full of quiet time. I work at home on my own and have a lot of pe ... more
Jan 04 2008 1:20pm
Turn Off the TV and the Radio As much as I love television, movies, and music, sometimes it's important to take a break from it. If you are constantly bombarding your brain with stimulus and input, you are actually creating more s ...
Jun 30 2007 1:52pm
What can happen in one moment Given time and inspiration, what can be accomplished in 100 years? In 1908, the must-have vehicle was the initial Model T as it rolled forth on rickety spoked wheels for the first time from the For ...
Jun 04 2008 7:06pm
Thank you Nirmala for shaing your comments and for reading my post. I agree with your sent ... more
Sep 01 2008 4:22pm