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Learn from Others' Critical Mistakes A few friends of mine recently competed in the 2007 Boston Marathon, running for 26.2 miles in record-breakingly crappy weather. Luckily, the heavy rain had subsided by race morning, leaving them on ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Do yo make these Mistakes to Lose 10 Pounds A Week? I wrote this article to make sure you don't make these common mistakes when decided to lose 10 lbs a week. You might heard about lots of things on weight loss before reading my article. Keep i ...
Feb 14 2009 7:05am
The BIGGEST mistake people make with fat loss I notice a HUGE mistake that people make is basically getting their calories throughout the day in the form of liquids! BIG no-no. If you're trying to lose weight, you need to get rid of the coffee,en ...
Feb 17 2008 3:22am
Progress chart error I wanted to test the progress chart function in the goal setting area. My entries are: 01/23/08 195 01/12/08 211 01/07/08 ...
Jan 23 2008 9:35pm
Hi D. I'm Larisa, the Community Relations Manager. I checked your progress chart and ... more
Feb 26 2008 12:35pm
A barista tells Starbucks corporate that she refuses to use the "Skinny" lingo If your New Year's Resolution involves weight loss and healthy eating, look no further than your local Starbucks. They are putting their lattes on a diet, totaling 90 calories. All is well until a ...
Jan 09 2008 12:34pm
It took some time to get my plain coffee drink correct and not be shortchanged and now I ... more
Jan 13 2008 10:50am
100 Smartest Diet Tips Ever “By the American Dietetic Association, Courtesy of Prevention.” To see all of the tips, check out “100 Smartest Diet Tips Ever” on “I Can Only Handle One Diet Change Right Now ...
Aug 13 2007 6:00pm
Where can we get the whole list of 100 tips? These are great because they are realistic. ... more
Aug 26 2007 8:22pm
Breaking Bad Habits We all have unhealthy little (or not so little) habits that hold us back from succeeding in our wellness regimes. Whatever your personal bad habit is, you CAN break it if you follow these tips: ---- ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... r making a mistake can lead to not only more mistakes, but also unnecessary stress. I'm a ... more
Sep 08 2007 1:44pm
Triathlon tips for beginners Triathlons are great, fun events but can quite taxing, especially for beginners. If you are a new participant in a triathlon event, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the event. 1. If you are no ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Kombucha Kombucha tea is apparently all these rage these days. It's an interesting light brown tea, a bit vinegary smelling, that is known for being a cure-all. Its alleged attributes include curing cancer, ...
Feb 28 2007 10:26am
I wonder about the weight loss teas that I see. It doesn't sound like kombucha helps u lo ... more
Mar 16 2007 7:11pm
Health Tip: Take a Nap (HealthDay News) -- Napping is a great way to help revive yourself if you're sleepy, tired or stressed. Here are some of the ways napping can improve your physical and emotional well-being, courtesy ...
Mar 05 2007 3:08pm