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Body, Mind, & Spirit - what the experts have to say I have been fascinated with the connection between mind and body for most of my life. Below are quotes by leading medical authorities in the U.S.A. “The brain and body communicate using a flood of ch ...
Aug 01 2010 2:04pm
Cleanse your mind, not your body "Cleanse Your Mind, Not Your Body" Week 1: All fruit, no protein Week 2: All protein, no fruit Week 3: Protein powder and sugar free juice Week 4: Realize you want to eat like a normal human ...
Oct 10 2007 10:19pm
Thanks for this article. This is really good information. I have tried these diets as we ... more
Nov 12 2007 6:07am
Practicing Mindfulness It takes such a small amount of time each day to create the habit of cultivating mindfulness. One great exercise is called a walking meditation where you walk very slowly and feel each step a nuance o ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Hit the ball with a specific target in mind. This is a good tip for tennis players, especially those who are just beginning. Have a specific target in mind whenever you hit the ball. Even when you are practicing, have a target in mind ...
Sep 27 2007 1:51am
Meditation, mind and the full moon Meditations are highly beneficial to do in a group on full moon nights. The mind and the moon are connected, and on full moon days the mind is very light. The Art of Living Foundations conducts ...
Sep 28 2007 8:55pm
- - - it sounds like something slightly intimidatins, yet alluring. Meditation is more a ... more
Oct 11 2007 5:05am
Mindfulness Meditation Course The Mindfulness Program in the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine Clinic is designed to teach mind and body awareness techniques for coping with physical or psychological symptoms from stress ...
Oct 19 2007 4:39pm
... f the first people who ever introduced me to mindfulness meditation techniques--well, not ... more
Apr 18 2008 9:48am
Mind/Body Mind/Body There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that exercise is good for your health, productivity and longevity. Yet, many people do not make an effort to train regularly. There are many reasons why ...
Apr 30 2007 10:44am
... ) But I do think that it's a good idea to be mindful in whatever physical activity you are ... more
Nov 29 2007 7:52pm
Restore your mind with Meditation Our mind is something which can be easily influenced by surroundings, other people, circumstances and whatever. Once your mind is lured or manipulated by something unholy you are likely to suffer. Thi ...
Feb 26 2009 3:20am
Mindfulness in Yoga I think no matter how you do yoga, you benefit. Whether you're 100% focused on your practice, or doing poses while you watch American Idol, you're getting something out of it. I've been doing yoga o ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I think mindfulness is one of the top benefits of yog ... more
Dec 14 2007 8:07pm
Mind body healing Vitality magazine, the publication put out by Blue Cross, has been extolling the cost-effectiveness of certain mind-body therapies: breathing, meditation, relaxation cognitive response, body movemen ...
Sep 28 2007 2:08pm
... ve techniques and more.  I focus entirely on mind-body-spirit healing in my coaching pract ... more
Feb 13 2009 9:19am