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Some tips for an ultimate Frisbee throw. Get a good quality Frisbee that has thickness and feels strong when you handle it. Try throwing in an open place without many trees. Use just the right power to make the ...
Sep 26 2007 6:13am
There are so many fun things I used to do when I was a kid and allegedly outgrew. Frisbee ... more
Oct 18 2007 3:07pm
Throw out the microwave! If you are trying to improve your diet, there's one big thing you can do that will change everything without you even changing your shopping habits - throw that microwave in the trash. The fact i ...
Jul 30 2007 5:51pm
Throw away that scale! Most individuals interested in getting fit focus on "losing weight". But, really, it's not the amount of total pounds you weigh that needs to be focused on. It's your body composition (percentage of ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Although, you forgot to mention that muscle weighs more than fat, which is why sometimes y ... more
Aug 31 2007 6:01pm
Questions I Have About GERD or HEARTBURN I have some Questions GERD , Vomiting and Regurgitation I need Help with my Questions are: 1. I am wondering is there anyone who has GERD -Do People with GERD have Trouble with Vomiting and Regurgi ...
Jun 05 2010 5:48pm
Quick Healthy Meal Idea Tonight I made a quick, healthy meal for the kids I take care of and thought I'd post the idea. I find that a lot of the "quick" meal recipes and "30-minute dinners" are actually only "quick" or "3 ...
Aug 09 2007 1:13pm
I've gotten into the habit of feeding my kids scrambled eggs with stir fried veggies about ... more
Sep 06 2007 7:53pm
Running For the Finish Line So, supposedly, if you can run 30 minutes without stopping you should be able to train for a marathon. This is what I had read, so I talked to a friend of mine who had run in a couple marathons. She w ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... a disaster -- either an injury or they give up. Most marathon plans that I've seen assume ... more
Dec 09 2008 7:27pm
Get rid of time sponges at home. Clutter in the house really piles on the stress. A good way to reduce clutter in the house is to get rid of what I call "time sponges" -- these are things that you don't really need, or even use, but ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... which to throw a hundred legos an dpick them up again. more
Aug 28 2007 1:58pm
Organizing the Storage Bins I saw a great episode of Trading Spaces - wait, no, it was Clean Sweep - where there was this lady that had bin after bin meant for organization, but her house was still a mess. The host commented tha ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Getting to the Core Medicine ball work out is probably the most effective torso training you can find at a gym. A well-equiped gym must have a supply of different size medicine balls for your choice of work out. These ...
Sep 21 2007 9:33am
My friend used the ball during labor and had amazing results. It really made her feel lib ... more
Feb 12 2008 12:03pm
Disc Golf I play racquetball with a player who also plays disc golf. He told me a little bit about it, and it sounds like a challenge but a great way to get outdoors and have competitive fun with friends. ...
Nov 22 2007 7:12am