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Teens learn nutrition do's in supermarket For a group of urban teen girls, lessons in nutrition began in the produce section and ended in dairy at a suburban supermarket a few miles from their school. But the give-and-take was the most energe ...
Mar 21 2007 12:30pm
Respect your walking! For some of us, walking is the hardest sport we will endure. We need to respect that! Do like Dr. Joyce Brothers suggests for diets and put together a “walking trousseau”. Maybe you are the type tha ...
Dec 17 2007 9:14pm
Respect Wildlife 1. Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them. 2. Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife damages their health, alters natural behaviors, and exposes them to predators and other ...
Jun 02 2007 12:27pm
a squirre did that , thats pretty cool more
Jun 26 2008 12:53am
Respect the Vegan! The post below mine made me think of this - my vegan friend won't eat some of the veggie patties (like veggie sausage) that are out on the market because they still contain some form of animal protein ...
Jul 27 2007 11:15am
Baltimore's City Paper followed some vegans around and showed how hard it is to stay on th ... more
Nov 09 2007 4:09pm
Skateboarding as Physical Education A California school has added skateboarding to its physical education curriculum, and it's proven to be a hit with the students. What's more, the unit is keeping them in constant motion and working ...
Feb 26 2008 5:29pm
And the winners are... According to a study reported by Reuters, the key to losing weight - and keeping it off - is to eat a big breakfast packed with carbohydrates and protein; then for the remainder of the day, follow a l ...
Jul 09 2008 7:16pm
Hi Lela I joke that if I only went to bed 5 minutes earlier, I'd be 50 pounds lighter ... more
Jul 11 2008 8:59am
Happiest Place on Earth Adrian White, from the UK's University of Leicester, surveyed 80,000 people worldwide to map out subjective wellbeing and determine the happiest place on earth. Where is it? It ain't Disneyland, that' ...
Jun 13 2007 12:03pm
I'm in agreement with Stephanie. I think that living in a consumerist anti-culture that's ... more
Aug 24 2008 3:12pm
Stanford Beats Cal in the Rivals for Life Blood Drive! STANFORD, Calif. ­ On Nov. 18, the Stanford Blood Center collected a record 234 units of blood­the most ever collected by the center at a single blood drive­during the annual “Rivals for Life” blood d ...
Nov 21 2008 10:30am
Online Fitness and Health Education Community available for kids and teens nationwide! Hello Health Education peers! I want to let you know about, a children's fitness and health education website - offering fun and engaging fitness videos, as well as nutrition, motivat ...
Feb 25 2009 8:44am
Physical Education Classes Open to Facuty and Staff Did you know that the majority of Physical Education Classes are open to Faculty and Staff for only $50 per quarter on a space available basis? The only classes that cost more are Fencing, $60 and Go ...
Oct 18 2007 5:04pm
It would be great if teachers took advantage of that. I'm thinking ... more
Nov 23 2007 7:48am