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Getting Kids to Get Fit My son, like his dad, is a serial team sports player. Since he started tee-ball in preschool and moved on to basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf, and lacrosse, it's never been hard to get him to ...
Aug 17 2007 10:42am
I couldn't agree more. The point is to get kids moving. We tried swimming, soccer and ba ... more
Aug 20 2007 4:35pm
Powerful Down Time In our hectic to-and-fro lifestyles, stopping to recharge is often the first thing to be cut from the schedule. But take a second to think about this. Rest is actually a very efficient thing to do! ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Study Shows Impact of Parents' Habits on Children A fascinating study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in September of 2005 draws some notable conclusions about the perception in preschoolers of their parents’ drinking ...
Sep 01 2007 7:56pm
Dads' Parenting Style Influences Childhood Obesity Fathers' parenting styles have a major influence on children's weight, says an Australian study that looked at almost 5,000 children, ages 4-5, and their parents. The researchers found that fathers w ...
May 09 2007 9:49am
Text of NYTimes article Here is the text of the August 9, 2007 NY Times article on Hood to coast: By YISHANE LEE Published: August 9, 2007 WHEN Tara Ruotolo recruited far-flung pals and friends of frie ...
Aug 09 2007 1:25pm
Open Water Techniques Open Water Techniques and Tips By Greg Chatham for Front of the Pack Triathlon Store Warm water – Always wear what you’ll race in. If you’re looking to place you can always wear a fastskin type sho ...
Jan 28 2007 2:06pm
Greg, thanks for the tip and swim advice at the store earlier today. Good thing I didn't ... more
Sep 19 2007 9:46pm
Starting A Spiritual Circle I think one of the nicest ways to unwind from life's stresses is to gather with a group of like-minded people and form your own "spiritual circle." I've been part of one for the last two years or so-- ...
Nov 14 2007 11:32am
Get fit even if you're busy Just got this from the website: Real Muscle Online. Helpful! 10 ways to fit in a workout when you seem too busy We all have them. Busy days where we seem like we are in too much of a rush to ...
Jul 24 2007 3:02pm
I am a new visitor of this site. I read these ten tips. It is very interesting. ... more
Jul 25 2008 10:51pm
Great New Release!! So I was checking out amazon for new releases yesterday (mainly for stuff to listen to for yoga & meditation) and came across this amazing new cd- it is from BIOMUSIQUE and is called 10,000 steps... ...
May 15 2008 11:05am
Thanks for the recommendation, Emily. I'm interested in musical fusions that tend to be mo ... more
Aug 11 2008 12:44pm
Try local fairs for great natural products A recent arts and crafts fair in my community opened my eyes to another place other than health food/product stores to get products to help you live naturally-whether it be food and spices, insect rep ...
Jun 26 2008 8:10pm