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Preschool Crafts For Palm Sunday - General Discussions

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Palm Drive Do you know how many palm trees line palm drive? Why not run up and down it and count? Its a great road to run whether as part of a longer run or not cause it is, you guessed it, well shaded.
Linda C.
Oct 19 2007 8:29am
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Jun 16 2008 10:54am
Sunday Let's play this Sunday!
Jun 01 2007 10:53pm
Adult coed indoor Sunday evenings Upland Looking for experienced players to join and have fun!!!!!We have players from 17 to 50. contact cheryl:
Sep 24 2007 11:12pm
A nice Sunday activity For father's day, my boyfriend and I hiked to the West Point Inn on Mount Tam. If you've never done this, it is an experience. The West Point Inn serves pancake breakfasts a few days a year, Father' ...
Jun 19 2007 10:20am
This sound fabulous, what fun. I will check out the web site and see if I can plan a trip ... more
Sep 14 2007 11:39am
Soccer game this Sunday at 4:00pm Field at Oak and Welch Rd, Stanford Campus Oak and Welch, Stanford, CA 94086 US Near Medical school
Nov 02 2007 1:07pm
Basic Swim Drills All of these basic drills allow you to exaggerate freestyle movements and focus on muscle control throughout the phases of your stroke. Balance - Spend some time feeling your body's position on the w ...
Jan 26 2007 7:11pm
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Aug 05 2008 8:20am
Another Relaxation Technique of Yoga This one is also a greta to way to relax . 1. Lie face down on a firm, flat surface. Use a yoga mat, or a towel, or even a blanket to lie down on. 2. Keep the left hand palm down on the fl ...
Aug 17 2007 10:56am
that is a wonderful exercise and part of meditation wish I am suppose to do everyday.barb more
Jun 18 2009 6:37am
2007 here I come... One of my fitness goals for 2007 is to do a dozen pullups without stopping. I was able to do this in my younger days, but now have fallen back to being able to do only 1 or 2. I know it's a combinat ...
Feb 11 2007 4:07pm