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Looking for a training partner for long weekend runs in NYC Let me know if you know of anyone... I'm happy to run along the Hudson, but could also aim for Central Park or even the East River...
May 16 2007 5:28am
Strength Training Now Must Include the Element of Balance There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend. No, not about stock or bonds, but about balance exercises and weight training – and their popularity. http://online.w ...
Feb 21 2008 6:03am
The key for balancing exercises and strength training is that many of them focus on the co ... more
Feb 21 2008 7:15pm
Don't believe in target training! I can't handle it when I'm watching television on the weekend and I see all of the infomercials selling exercise equipment promising to "tone up those abs" or focus on problem areas such as thighs or ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... sudden you start to believe that the target training can actually work. You must love th ... more
Sep 16 2007 11:32pm
Want to find a fitness routine for strenth training where you never have to lift a weight again? Tracey Gardner Method TM is loosely based on a combination of yoga and Pilates; but now it's all about body leveraging (resisting your own body weight). It is not about flexibility, but engaging ...
Sep 24 2010 11:25am
Set Achievable Mini Goals to Accomplish Ambitious Goals Goals are a great way to motivate myself. But I've found that some goals are so ambitious (e.g., complete my first marathon) or devoid of metrics that indicate my progress (e.g., learn to swim --- ra ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Cold weather is to me what an oven must be to a paddle pop... I tend to prefer to emphasise the things that help, but after a pretty rough day, perhaps it’s as well to share things that make CFS worse: ...
Nov 12 2009 3:05am
Thanx for sharing more
Apr 05 2010 7:08pm
Yoga Certification Options Does anyone know what options there are for getting certified as a yoga instructor? And what the differences are? And what the price ranges are? I don't want to teach, but my teacher is so wonderfu ...
Sep 07 2007 6:32am
Yes, I'm just looking to study. However, I really list to check things off lists! I will ... more
Jan 21 2008 7:09pm
Stanford Triathalon Club The Stanford Triathlon Team is about promoting the "triathlon lifestyle" at Stanford and in the surrounding communities. From day to day, this means getting together with a great group of people and ...
Oct 19 2007 3:48pm
Wildflower 2008! If you're considering training for a triathlon, I highly recommend Wildflower! It's a whole experience, and it draws literally thousands of amateur triathletes from all over the country for a weeke ...
Feb 25 2008 12:08pm
I have done this race and it is INCREDIBLE! Highly recommend for 2009! more
May 20 2008 7:33pm
If I can do can U! In so many ways....I am just like so many of you. I am a Husband, a Father, a Son, a Friend and a Colleague. As a young kid growing up just outside NYC, I had a few things going against me in regard ...
Sep 29 2007 11:40am
Excellent! more
Aug 21 2008 10:15am