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End Neck Pain By Improving Posture How Proper Posture Improves Your Spine Relieving Nerve Pressure by Dr. Matthew Bellinger How does posture have anything to do with neck pain?--Neck pain comes from pressure on the nerves. How doe ...
Sep 03 2008 6:14am
Watch your posture when walking! Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. (famous author, Harvard physician and natural healing advocate) says that we have to be careful of our posture. So, when you are walking, keep mindful of that! He calls the old ...
Dec 15 2007 8:32pm
Our posture doesn't lie Here is a great discussion about your posture related to your exercise program. It's true that you can tell by someone's posture if they workout or not.
Mar 21 2008 3:02pm
Drummer Gary Allen says watch your posture! Drummer Gary Allen (Charlie Daniels Band, J.J. Cale’s band, The Outfit) notes that the art of drumming places “great physical demands on the body”. He knew to keep good posture from the get-go and i ...
Aug 27 2007 11:34am
The importance of posture when running Though it may not seem like it, your technique while running plays a huge role in your exercise efficiency. If you're all over the place, you're wasting a lot of energy that will affect you on longer ...
Jul 18 2007 10:13am
Slipping during postures Does anyone else have the problem of sliding on the mat when your hands or feet get sweaty? I find I spend my downward facing dog just trying to not slip. Is it my mat? Is it me? Any ideas of how to ...
Jan 07 2008 1:29pm
Hello Lara, Since the site choses not to show dates on posts I don't know when you we ... more
Jan 29 2008 5:26pm
Qigong Qigong, or chi-kung literally means energy work, the word chi means breath energy and kung means a kind of skillful work. Strictly speaking, qigong encompasses a lot of practices. There is qigong fo ...
Jul 23 2007 9:03pm
The order and nature of bodies I'm considering taking up nervousness as my new workout program. I was at a high school doing a poetry show (performancey 'old hat' not to worry) and Mr. Himself shows up. Pressure's on. My heart w ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Tips for Yoga Yoga is a great exercise as it helps the mind and the body. But is should be done right to derive maximum benefit. Here are a few pointers while doing yoga. 1. The best time to do yoga is usu ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I wrote the above statement while holding my 5 month old and appologize for the spelling a ... more
Jul 27 2007 9:54pm
WiiFit fun Talk about keeping us on task! Today, the WiiFit put my fiance on the spot and asked how my posture was looking. (We both have "Miis" and are using the WiiFit consistently). Of the choices on scr ...
May 27 2008 6:20pm