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looking for runners and walkers   Event contact: Sparky George, President Hats Off America , (925) 855-1950 Sparky’s number, event day (925) 783-2088   15 th Hats OffAmericaRed T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk April 4 ...
Feb 13 2009 9:02am
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis I seem to have the beginnings of posterior tibial tendonitis...   Any recommendations for rehab? 
Mar 09 2012 5:08pm
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis I seem to have the beginnings of posterior tibial tendonitis.  Any suggestions for rehab exercises? 
Mar 09 2012 5:09pm
I don't have any suggestions of exercises BUT I highly suggest acupuncture.  After one tre ... more
Jun 29 2012 4:01pm
Running Techniques - The Arm Swing Whether walking or running, a good technique will help you with performance and also in preventing injuries. One of the most typical mistakes I see in runners and walkers is incorrect arm swing. You ...
Jun 21 2007 10:03am
It's hard to learn how to keep yourself loose when you run. But, it's important to keep t ... more
Aug 27 2007 6:49pm
Music you should walk to! The New York Times just came out with an article about the science behind exercise music. Apparently, the music a casual stroller going 3 mph should listen to is between 115 and 118 beats per minute ...
Jan 11 2008 10:31am
I found this website called Success Songs which are motivational with empowering lyrics. ... more
Aug 16 2008 7:07pm
Bring Sexy Back! Come check out my Hip Hop class - get fit, feel great and put the FUNK back Have you ever see a Hip Hop performance and thought how much fun it would be to give it a try? Have you even happened upon a hip hop station on the radio and caught your hand tapping on the steering ...
Jan 28 2007 1:19pm
Dave, that would be great! Anytime! Just shoot me a note in advance so I can put you on ... more
Jan 29 2007 3:15pm
Keeping it safe There is a walking path near my house, but I’m amazed that none of the local walkers will use it – they like to be smack dab in the middle of the street. And this is at night, too! I see that some ...
Feb 13 2008 9:29am
Rebound & Put-backs How many times have you been watching high school or college basketball games, and a player makes a great offensive rebound, only to take forever to put the ball back up. They will bring the ball dow ...
Jul 18 2007 10:22am
Do Doc's realy know enough about back problem? Hi all I am from Ireland, I think we are 20 yrs behind in all medicenes. I had L4 and L5 removed. I cannot do a bit of work now, I am on enough pain killers to sink a ship. I have chronic pain now, le ...
Oct 21 2012 7:44pm
yoga for the back Yoga has been known to help with a lot of pain issues including back pain. My good friend has been totally freed of her back pain by doing yoga. She truly believed that she was destined to b ...
Aug 21 2007 12:06pm
I agree: yoga is amazing for back pain. Yoga stretches and strengthens the core area ... more
Dec 07 2008 9:49am