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PMDD I hope I'm posting this in the right section!  I'm a 20 year old female, with terrible, terrible period pain. I'm almost positive that it's PMDD. About two weeks before hand I start getting sick. ...
Dec 15 2010 1:28am
Hi there, My only advice would be to take advice only from a qualified gynec. And th ... more
Mar 12 2011 6:02pm
Really listening to your body during a workout I thought this was very cleverly written and very good advice. In the midst of a workout, we might get wrapped up not only in the tracks playing in our headphones, but also the "tracks" in our min ...
Jun 04 2008 5:55pm
suboxone weaning sucks I cant even begin to describe how glad I am to have found this site..hoping to find a few friends who have been there done that. I'm down to a half a mg of suboxone. today makes day4 and I cant beli ...
Mar 15 2013 6:32am
checking in I haven't written a blog in a while, but I haven't been doing so hot on my diet. In the whole month of August, I only lost 6 pounds. I know partly its because I have been excercising regularly, but ...
Sep 01 2008 5:20pm
I think it's great that you lost the six pounds. Lots of times when people are stressed ... more
Sep 02 2008 7:31am
A Sign Of Memory Loss The Lyme Times Volume 29 By Virginia T. Sherr, MD The sign display artist and business owner had sought psychiatric help for increasing pan ...
Jul 09 2008 6:09pm
... than any other illnesses out there. You are physically ok but slowly, your memory loss ki ... more
May 29 2009 1:19am
Add Strength Training to Your Workout! Our Great, Great Grandmothers Strength Trained. Your great-great grandmother strength trained daily. Her household responsibilities included carrying wood into the home to keep the fires warm, gathering water from the spring or well in buckets, m ...
Feb 05 2008 10:14am
A Life Long Commitment I'm the kind of person who likes to finish a project and move on to the next one. For that reason, things like washing dishes and vacuuming drive me nuts. Why can't I do it once and be done with it? ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Skateboarding as Physical Education A California school has added skateboarding to its physical education curriculum, and it's proven to be a hit with the students. What's more, the unit is keeping them in constant motion and working ...
Feb 26 2008 5:29pm
Mental and Physical Health are Intertwined In April 2007, Forbes reported that Dr. Scott Small, associate professor of neurology at Columbia University Medical Center did some research with mice and learned that exercise stimulates a part of ...
Oct 04 2007 8:56am
Physical Education Classes Open to Facuty and Staff Did you know that the majority of Physical Education Classes are open to Faculty and Staff for only $50 per quarter on a space available basis? The only classes that cost more are Fencing, $60 and Go ...
Oct 18 2007 5:04pm
It would be great if teachers took advantage of that. I'm thinking not only from the stand ... more
Nov 23 2007 7:48am