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Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids vs Home Treatment At extreme conditions, hemorrhoids is generally treated by surgery methods. These treatment methods are expensive but are mostly recommended for better and long term relief: Laser treatment: It ...
Feb 12 2009 1:33am
Create Your Own Organizer The Hipster PDA is a do-it-yourself organizer that involves 3x5" index cards and any sort of pageholder you want to use. (This could be a binder clip, a hair band, or a carabiner!) The Hipster PDA h ...
Sep 11 2007 5:26pm
... of the only people I know who doesn't have a PDA. But I'm also sick of carrying around clu ... more
Oct 08 2007 9:39am
My Baby's heart and Patent Ductus Arteriosus Tonet was diagnosed with PDA when she was like 6 days old. Her pedia discovered a murmur in her heart that she wanted to have the baby undergo an echo. The cardio was able to find out a 5mm PDA and ...
May 06 2010 2:08am
... . she'll soon be entering school. The little PDA is still harmlessly there.. No operation ... more
May 06 2013 2:48pm
Cell Phone Warning It seems that no matter where you go, there's someone on their cell phone: in the car, the gym, the Laundromat; I've even heard of people answering their phone during sex! I can't think of any call th ...
Jul 08 2007 5:00pm
Need to reschedule fitness assessment Dear Syrous, I am Very, Very Sorry to have missed this Fitness assessment on 4/1. I put it into my PDA incorrectly, and showed up today insted, feeling embarrassed about not showing up when scheduled ...
Apr 02 2008 11:05am
A simple way to de-stress Put down your Blackberry, PDA, cell phone, laptop, iPod, or any electronic device you have an addiction to. No e-mail for a day. Go out and smell the flowers. Get a massage. Talk to a friend face to ...
Jun 30 2008 4:44pm
Love this post- so true. One of my favourite ways to destress is by removing my watch and ... more
Mar 12 2010 11:32pm