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Cooking With Good Fat Next time the recipe calls for oil opt for a healthier option whether baking, sautéing, marinating or frying. Macadamia Nut oil is a good fat and a terrific replacement for any oil that a recipe may ...
Jul 07 2008 7:14pm
Dressing on the side! Turns out even a salad can be not so great for you if it's covered in dressing (and wouldn't you know the best tasting ones are not the lowfat ones). I find that the difference in taste between a thi ...
Jun 12 2007 11:31pm
... seeds), 10 unsalted cashews, two tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon freshly grated pepper ... more
Aug 09 2009 5:01pm
Glowing Skin For clear and glowing skin, make a paste of honey, porridge, and egg white. This can be used as a daily face cleaner, or for a luxurious face mask, massage into the skin with small, upward circles fo ...
Sep 08 2007 4:05am
Veggie Lasagna I recommend this recipe! It's amazing. 8 lasagna sheets 2 cans of crushed tomatoes 8 fresh tomatoes, peeled and cut into cubes 4 garlic slices ½ sliced squash 6 chopped spring onions ½ sliced Eggplan ...
Feb 13 2007 3:23pm
Yes, m'am! more
Feb 16 2007 5:04pm
Tabbouleh with a difference This is a soothing, nourishing salad and can be refriegerated for a week Soak 1 cup bulgar wheat in 1 2/ 3rd cup boiling water for 45 mins, till the liquid is absorbed and the wheat gets tender ...
Oct 01 2007 2:03pm
Sounds delicious. I would think this would taste great with fish on top to make a meal of ... more
Oct 05 2007 7:48am
Taco Bar This is a great staple. It's healthy, versatile, fast, and good for any size group. I like the "build it yourself" style because people can custom build their own taco to suit their tastes and dieta ...
Jun 21 2007 5:34am
Relax after a good workout Bouncy, Shiny, dandruff free hair: Add some fenugreek seeds, lime juice, or beet juice to your shampoo if dandruff is a problem. It is far better than head and shoulders If you are experi ...
Nov 02 2007 5:53pm
I also get samples from Whole Foods, which is fun to use on the hair. Then, if I find so ... more
Nov 15 2007 3:11pm
Bug Itch Cream--A Home Recipe Love the outdoors but hate the pests? Forget expensive drugstore alternatives for combatting itchiness and body rashes. Instead, simply fill a small jar with comfrey leaves, a dark green botanical t ...
Jul 23 2007 12:40pm
Awaken to the Fragrant World of Essential Oils Awaken to the Fragrant World of Essential Oils By Leslie Vornholt, LCSW Supervising Certified Care Instructor Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education While many of us have b ...
Feb 26 2008 1:07pm
Vegetarian & Vegan Recipe: Curried Greens With Carrots and Potatoes This vegetable curry recipe is loosely Indian, and one of our favorite ways to eat greens. It's a hearty filling dish, full of flavor, very satisfying on winter days. The secret to a p ...
Mar 19 2008 6:56pm