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How do i call a USA number? How do i call a American number from Australia off my house phone. This is the number, 1-800-592-5499. That is what i am entering and i am being told 'Your call cannot be connected' Is ther ...
May 06 2010 7:22pm
The numbers (size) game I have a mom who’s like a character in a sit-com…very Suzanne Pleschette in a fur coat. Mom keeps saying I should be a size 6, that I have thrown away “my birthday gifts” of looks by not being so. T ...
Aug 20 2007 7:11pm
... he "twiggy" look and had me so obsessed with numbers that I found that I could easily corr ... more
Aug 25 2007 6:17pm
Rising number of Japan's kids have weight problem A growing number of Japanese children have weight problems that could set them up for health problems later in life, and standards must be set to deal with the issue, researchers said on Monday. The ...
Apr 02 2007 10:37am
Record number of youth play competitive sports Competitive youth sports are on the rise, says Dr. Steve Carney, a professor of sport management at Drexel University in Philadelphia. An estimated 41 million American kids play sports competitively, ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Number of miles in a 5K I ran a 5k recently and was surprised to learn how many of my friends didn't know how long that was. The answer is 3.1 miles. A Kilometer is about .6 miles, so for a 5K just mutliply 5 km by .6 to ...
Apr 09 2008 2:00pm
Right, Dave, 6.2 miles for a 10K. A half marathon is 13.1 miles and a full marathon is 26. ... more
Dec 07 2008 11:43pm
Proof that age is just a number This is pretty incredible. 101-year-old "Buster" Martin of Britain is training for his first marathon. He's already run a half-marathon in five hours, runs an hour before work everyday, and works wi ...
Mar 12 2008 2:34pm
Wow! more
Mar 19 2008 1:30pm
The Myth About Reducing Fat I don’t know how many of my female friends struggle from the age-old problem of extra flab along their inner thighs. While exercise videos about toning the thighs fill the infomercials ad infinitum, ...
Aug 14 2007 8:43am
Everything that I read is saying that you are much more likely to lose weight and feel gre ... more
Feb 12 2008 12:07pm
The secret of getting organized This is a really cute story. Once Albert Einstein was being interviewed and the reporter asked for his phone number. Sure, said Einstein. He opened the phone directory, looked up his number, ...
Sep 26 2007 6:04am
Ha ha, this is really funny. Of course, Einstein was a bit of a strange guy, but it does m ... more
Aug 24 2008 5:15pm
Overweight people more likely to get asthma Obese and overweight people are 50 percent more likely to get asthma than those of normal weight, suggesting that weight loss could help reduce the number of asthma cases, U.S. researchers said Monday ...
Apr 03 2007 10:59am
Open Water Techniques Open Water Techniques and Tips By Greg Chatham for Front of the Pack Triathlon Store Warm water – Always wear what you’ll race in. If you’re looking to place you can always wear a fastskin type sho ...
Jan 28 2007 2:06pm
Greg, thanks for the tip and swim advice at the store earlier today. Good thing I didn't ... more
Sep 19 2007 9:46pm