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Vagifem <a href=" http://">vagifem</a> is a medication used to relieve <a href=" http://">vagifem</a>, itching, and burning in postmenopausal women. This prescripti ...
Apr 12 2010 12:44pm
Build a healthy lifestyle: Replacing simple carbs I'm trying to make a healthy change every week in hopes that after a year I'll have painlessly created a new lifestyle for myself. This week I thought I'd look over the carb situation. When I ...
Dec 29 2007 1:37pm
Big Toe Joint Replacement I have been told that I can have my big toe joint replaced with a plastic joint, has anyone had this done & can you tell me about it?  I will be seeing my orthopedic surgeon at the end of May & I ...
May 03 2009 5:50pm
joint replacement  any information about bone cysts and ankle replacement
Nov 08 2009 4:50am
Hip Replacement Hello I am a 72 yr old woman and I have just found out that I may  need to have hip replacements for both hips but the left one is worse than the right so will have this one done first. Is there ...
Feb 04 2010 11:54am
Knee Replacement Has anybody had a knee replacement done, and if so, how did it turn out?  What kind of recovery time am I looking at?  How about rehab?
Dec 30 2009 10:44am
The recovery time after a knee replacement is about six months..It usually d ... more
Aug 09 2013 7:29am
Ways to Replace Unhealthy Snacks with Fruit Regardless of your sweet tooth, there are things you can do to combat the extra pounds and the guilt that comes with indulging: 1) Eat apple slices throughout the day, and you won’t be as ...
Aug 02 2007 7:42pm
Study Finds that Yoga Could Replace Some Prescription Drugs Traditional medical practitioners often turn to prescription drugs to treat depression and anxiety disorders before other alternatives are explored. What if doctors prescribed a twice-weekly yoga sess ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Hmmmm well there are three things on my mind relative to this. The first is that I'm ... more
Mar 05 2008 12:44am
Some "Natural Organic" Products not so Natural Organic skin care products and cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, sales of natural skin care increased more than almost any other type of product in the UK last year. Unfo ...
Mar 18 2008 5:22pm
Very informative article.  Thanks for posting this.  Unfortunately I love the Kiss My Fa ... more
Jan 05 2009 1:10pm
Use liquid natural supplements from mother Nature! Have you ever heard  about a liquid blend of nature’s finest phytonutrients? It may be the best option for health promotion and disease prevention available today. We spent more than 6 years to find ...
Oct 03 2009 8:17am
... there,I appreciate your post about promoting natural supplements which enhance health and ... more
Oct 12 2009 4:11pm