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Fat Nears Smoking As Cause Of Cancer Wow. I knew obesity caused all sorts of health problems including heart troubles and diabetes but I never thought of it in conjunction with cancer. This report on the CBS News web site caugh ...
Oct 31 2007 4:09pm
Red and processed meat linked to breast cancer Women who eat a lot of meat, particularly red or processed meats, may be more likely to develop breast cancer, according to a large study of British women. Researchers found that among 35,372 women, ...
Apr 17 2007 10:49am
Red Meat and Dairy Nutrient May Increase Colon Cancer Risk According to researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, recent studies have revealed that a nutrient called choline, which can be found in red meat, poultry, and dairy products, can cont ...
Aug 08 2007 4:00pm
... ate in my life of 30years i got colonrectal cancer and now live with a colostomy bag had ... more
Sep 10 2010 1:15pm
Long-term Benefits of Quitting Smoking There are many benefits to quitting smoking. Those of us who have know that we don't fall into coughing fits suddenly or carry around a smell that perfume doesn't cover, or wake up and rush to the b ...
Jan 09 2008 1:22pm
why is it so hard to find a smoking sensation meeting in the bronx/ they have N.A. meeti ... more
Mar 28 2010 11:48am
Solving Smoking Problem Hello Smokers Please avoid Smoking. It is not good for Health and smoking leads to cancer. Cancer leads to death. How to avoid Smoking 1.When you feel Smoking, take the Cigrettee and keep i ...
Mar 03 2008 10:42pm
Hello, Thank you for sharing this information enjoyable.Last week, I found a site with a ... more
Apr 12 2011 5:43am
Quit Smoking Cigarettes?   I saw this post and thought it was great summary of how to get yourself ready to quit smoking... Author: Muna wa Wanjiru: 2008-03-05 I loved them. They were my solace, my ...
Mar 19 2008 11:47am
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Mar 26 2009 9:08pm
Smoking and Exercise This news story tells us that aout 6% of athletes continue to smoke, even as they are training. It seems incredible that athletes who are trying to achieve the best possible performance would contin ...
Aug 31 2008 4:20pm
Hollywood relents: Glamor smoking will get R rating for movie The Motion Picture Association of America Thursday announced movies which depict smoking as glamorous or have pervasive smoking will get R ratings. Giving into pressure from anti-smoking lobbyists, t ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
The Motion Picture Association of America is late with their ruling. Show me a daily pr ... more
Jan 13 2008 10:48am
Smoking and Dieting Connected Among Young Girls Researchers at the University of Florida found that young girls who start to diet are twice as likely to also start smoking. The study was conducted among 7,795 a ...
Sep 12 2007 10:44am
R-rated movies lure white teens into smoking: study White U.S. teenagers who watch a lot of R-rated movies or have unsupervised access to TV shows appear more likely than similar black youths to start smoking cigarettes, a study found on Monday. Resea ...
Mar 05 2007 3:27pm