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regrowth of penis  hi everyone........  is there any type of steroid that help to permote the regrowth of penis .what are there names and what are the effects and side effects .and what are the dosages.
May 18 2010 2:37am
... I have to ask...promote re-growth of a penis or promote the growth of a penis (incre ... more
May 27 2010 7:27am
About wll sphere Hello Guys ! This is one of those questions that can't be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." In your first sentence, you mention that you are trying to stop masturbating. If this is a choic ...
Feb 13 2009 9:36pm
Chlamydia Symptoms and Infection If you have chlamydia, chances are that you may exhibit few symptoms. Chlamydia symptoms may be mild and can easily go undetected. Women are more likely to experience few symptoms associated with th ...
Apr 22 2009 9:11am
Dit you know ? more
Dec 20 2011 8:49pm
left testical twisted I know for a fact that I twisted my left testicle. I twisted it myself. I am apparently not the type to develop an acute "torsion" event so it hasn't tuned blue and died. They have simply dr ...
Oct 25 2009 10:31pm
... callous bitch) I'm a celibate because of penis and testical damage _EVEN IF I GO TO_ d ... more
Dec 09 2009 3:21pm
Two condoms Yes you can use two condoms for extra safe sex,by only rolling the first just over the penis head and holding it in place with a 11cm doubled elastic band, smear a little ortho cream over this first c ...
Nov 19 2009 2:12pm
BLOOD CLOOTS Why would a blood clot form on the top skin of a penis? particularly after sex.
Nov 22 2009 3:01pm
No sure where to ask a Q on my boyfriends strange sexual obcession. Can  I ask here about my boyfriend's strange sexual fetish/turn on its regarding his penis size. It ok to ask about it here as I want to know the psychological basis behind it.
Dec 13 2011 9:58pm
Remeber Sex is the part of life and if trust your BF then you should discuss him. more
Jan 19 2013 7:32am
What is it? Me and my partner last had intercourse 4 days ago, since then we have both developed strange lunps on our genetals. He has 5 lumps on the shaft of his penis and I have 3 around the opening of my vagin ...
Aug 10 2012 12:48pm
Latvia wins 2nd straight World Cup race in Bobsled Source: KDKA From Latvia myself, I was happy to hear "Janis Minins drove Latvia to a second straight World Cup victory in the four-man bobsled Sunday, with the U.S. team finishing sixth. His ...
Jan 28 2008 1:40pm
Congratulations to your home team Ivars! more
Jan 28 2008 6:27pm
Superfood: Quiche isn't a girly food anymore Quiche, grown up from its simple egg-and-cheese roots, has become a genderless superfood. Many of today's quiches forego buttery crust and incorporate ingredients to support healthy diets. A story in ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am