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Paraben-Free products One of our team members asked about paraben-free products, and I found this online (click post title to see link) with a list of companies that make paraben-free products.
May 26 2008 4:33pm
Are the products you provided a link to that are paraben free also free of all formaldehyd ... more
Jan 06 2009 10:40pm
Some "Natural Organic" Products not so Natural Organic skin care products and cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, sales of natural skin care increased more than almost any other type of product in the UK last year. Unfo ...
Mar 18 2008 5:22pm
Very informative article.  Thanks for posting this.  Unfortunately I love the Kiss My Fa ... more
Jan 05 2009 1:10pm
Try local fairs for great natural products A recent arts and crafts fair in my community opened my eyes to another place other than health food/product stores to get products to help you live naturally-whether it be food and spices, insect rep ...
Jun 26 2008 8:10pm
Parabens in Skin & Body Products Has everyone heard about the use of parabens in most of our skin & body products. It is a preservarive and has been linked to overproduction of estrogen in the body which can lead to breast or skin ca ...
Feb 25 2009 12:33pm
Skin Care Products There are a host of skin care products and remedies which help arrest skin care problems and leave the skin smooth and supple. You can also find guide to natural skin care products online. Pimples c ...
Apr 22 2009 3:24am
Incontinence Products Hi Everyone!!! Hi All,I came to know that you people are suffering from masturbation problem, it is nothing but the bladder infection problem. Bladder problems comes in any age group. In order to ...
Jul 14 2009 10:54pm
Organic products Hello, my name is Alexandra, I'm 25 and I am from Belarus. It's hard to find organic products in my country: usually it's just a fake.  Fortunately I've found out the way. It is called iherb.c ...
May 31 2012 8:18am
Are there any weight loss products that have no side effects? Hi,     I have tried so many products for losing weight.   But so far I haven’t found any products which give good results without any side effects.   Now, I'm looking for products that hav ...
Jan 30 2009 3:13am
It's pretty hard to find weight loss products that have no side effects. Most of it will ... more
Jun 16 2013 6:27pm
Origins facial care products I¹ve tried many medications, soaps and face creams to deal with acne and the resulting redness of my face. On a trip to New York City recently, I stopped into an "Origins" store that sells health an ...
Sep 12 2008 4:19pm
I tried Hydroxatone System - it is amaizing product. I must try it! more
Oct 01 2010 8:49am
hydroderm and skinceuticals products. I tried hydroderm and skinceuticals products...both have been on the market for a while, didnt do much....then I tried a brand new treatment called RevivaDerm.  Have to say this worked for me...more ...
Aug 04 2009 11:12pm