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Mountain Bike Cycling - General Discussions

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Mountain Biking in the Bay Area? If you're looking for some good trails for mountain and road biking on the Peninsula, check out:
Oct 19 2007 1:06pm
... oad Biking routes! The link at the bottom to Mountain Biking isn't working. Do you have a ... more
Oct 30 2007 3:36pm
Back On Your Bike? Make Sure You Warm Up to Avoid Injury Maybe you took the winter off from cycling, or maybe you were focusing on another activity such as running or gym workouts. But if you're just getting back into cycling, be it road or mountain bikin ...
Aug 17 2007 10:22am
Those padded biking shorts are great, but how often should they be replaced to keep their ... more
Sep 21 2007 5:47am
Text of NYTimes article Here is the text of the August 9, 2007 NY Times article on Hood to coast: By YISHANE LEE Published: August 9, 2007 WHEN Tara Ruotolo recruited far-flung pals and friends of frie ...
Aug 09 2007 1:25pm
Mountain Bike Trip to Thailand Join the owners of Total Body Fitness, Bill Driskill and Mark Shaw on an Epic Mt Bike Vacation to Thailand to climb the second highest mountain in the country on mt bikes! Plus other fantastic rides t ...
Mar 04 2007 7:37am
Mountain Biking Anyone know any great mounatin biking single track trails that are worth checking out in the Bay Area? I've discovered Skeggs Point and the Arastradero Open Space, but any other suggestions would be ...
Oct 08 2007 5:20pm
Hi   well if you are thinking to do mountain biking , why dont you check the Ezip ... more
Jun 19 2009 10:57am
SoulCycle: How Spinning Got its Groove Back Spinning classes are notorious for several reasons. First, they provide a high-energy and efficient cardio work-out which is kind to the joints. Secondly, they are not for the faint of heart. The ...
Jun 20 2007 12:01pm
Cycling - Push Those Pedals to Lose Weight and Get Fit To anyone working on getting fit and losing weight the words “long and lean” sound like magic. Well, that’s the typical build for a cyclist -- long and lean. Pedal power, in all its varieties (road ...
Jun 24 2008 4:48am
i like biking more
Jul 03 2008 2:39pm
A new (used) bike Thinking about getting a new bike, though don't want to spend a lot. Just looking for a decent mountain bike, nothing too fancy. Anyone know a good place to find good used mountain bikes?
Jan 25 2007 11:25am
Tip for those who want to bike, but are busy with the kid(s) About 20 months ago I bought a nice mountain bike with all the trimmings, and then 2 days later found out I was pregnant. It's not like you can't bike when you're pregnant (although you may want to ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Cycling Websites Fabulous websites!!!
Jan 25 2007 1:02pm