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You can stay fit while enjoying the outdoors A key to staying motivated to exercise is finding activities that are enjoyable and suit a person's lifestyle, says Althea Lawton-Thompson, whose workout video has been featured in Essence, Oxygen and ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Making a yoga habit, commitment The promotional rates you see at yoga studios like San Francisco’s Funky Door, 30 days for $29, or Sacramento’s My Yoga Lounge, 10 days for $10, are a way for yoga studios to get new customers and cop ...
Sep 17 2007 5:12am
Gauge Your Motivation Motivation, it's a tricky thing. The key to getting and staying motivated is for you, the individual, to understand what motivates you and why. Then, hopefully, you will be able to gauge your motivati ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Finding the motivation to stay in shape When I started my clinical rotations this year I found that staying fit has become much harder. I found many excuses not to exercise. My schedule is less predictable-- I never know for sure when my da ...
Jan 29 2007 11:02pm
This is an inspiring story. It sounded like that 40 minutes made a big difference. I hav ... more
Mar 03 2007 1:55pm
Fitness Testing as Motivation We all know it's difficult to stick to an exercise routine. Things come up, or we let them come up, and our exercise gets pushed to the side. A technique I try to use to motivate my clients and clas ...
Jun 21 2007 10:10am
Top 5 songs to listen to when struggling for motivation! The people who are disciplined about their workouts and those who struggle to get their butts off the coach are not very different. Both will have times that they don't look forward to their workou ...
Jul 02 2007 9:58am
Also consider (for your completely random, inspiring mix) ... 1. Get it Started - Black Ey ... more
Jul 06 2007 2:58pm
Motivation I used to hike all the time and go outside, but I recently had knee surgery and now am having a lot of trouble getting myself motivated to go outside...any suggestions to reinstate my motivation?
Jun 07 2007 11:23am
Get a Friend to Go With You. If you're having trouble getting back into your hiking routin ... more
Jun 30 2007 10:43pm
Live from NY: Interview with Jared Koch, founder of Clean Plates NYC is a town known for it's take out, eating out and not having a large enough kitchen to cook at home. Pravassa interviewed Clean Plates founder Jared Koch on the best ways to eat out.  Brookly ...
Apr 18 2013 1:30pm
Read whole interview of Mr. Jared Koch. Looks he is a great person. Actually I am unaware ... more
Jan 11 2014 6:51pm
Top 5 Workout Motivators Going to the gym is something all Americans talk about and yet some just flat out never get around to doing. With work, family, school, and a myriad of other commitments, it's no wonder we spend mor ...
Sep 05 2007 11:19am
I agree, to just see working out as a way to be fit is missing so many other positive reas ... more
Dec 19 2007 3:50am
Teaching and Motivating Kids to Exercise for Life Motivating Kids to Exercise……FOR LIFE!!! Given a choice, do you think your child would rather ride a bike or sit in front of the television? Would he or she prefer to shoot some hoops in the driveway ...
Mar 21 2007 12:44pm