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Why I like morning workouts The reasons why I like morning workouts: 1. It wakes me up and prepares me for the day. 2. I feel so much better at work. 3. It helps me to make good choices for my health for the rest of the day. 4 ...
Mar 20 2007 11:07am
What a workout!!! Went to Bootcamp this morning with Platoon- one of the best workouts I've had in a long time. They just work you - it's awesome!
Jun 05 2007 1:45am
On the road? Don't skip your workout Early morning meetings and late-night business dinners make it almost impossible for Trisha Curtin to fit in a workout on the road. "It's been a huge challenge to do any type of exercising other than ...
Apr 16 2007 2:50pm
Protein shake I recently bought AdvantEdge carb control protein shakes in french vanilla. They are so good. I've been enjoying them in the morning after my workout, and I they make me feel refreshed and satisfied ...
Nov 09 2007 8:09am
I might pick one up and try it. I usually watch out for sugar, so if there is very little ... more
Nov 10 2007 3:14pm
Scheduling Your Workout You've heard it before, but my scheduling your workout into your daily routines will help ensure that it gets done. We always have things come up, but by writing it in the planner, and making it non- ...
Jun 21 2007 10:08am
Workout styles I'm curious--what kinds of workouts do bloggers on this site prefer? I know everyone is different--I have friends who are runners, some who are gym-goers, and other people who limit their exercise to ...
Aug 13 2007 6:08pm
I have to get outside. More than the physical health benefits from running, lately with my ... more
Aug 17 2007 8:18am
Fasting: Day two Day two was an interesting day. I woke up feeling okay- somewhat light headed but alright. As I rode into the city, I began to feel hungry. Through my workout though, I felt light as if my body had h ...
Mar 14 2007 12:02pm
Time to wake up I hate getting up in the morning. Maybe “hate” is too strong of word… No, to be honest, it isn’t. I hate it. I’m a night person. I don’t like going to bed at 10. I don’t like having to ta ...
Apr 11 2008 4:37pm
... oving forward.  I am beginning to dread each workout.  I think I'm just tired, but how muc ... more
Nov 16 2009 3:25pm
Get fit even if you're busy Just got this from the website: Real Muscle Online. Helpful! 10 ways to fit in a workout when you seem too busy We all have them. Busy days where we seem like we are in too much of a rush to ...
Jul 24 2007 3:02pm
I am a new visitor of this site. I read these ten tips. It is very interesting. ... more
Jul 25 2008 10:51pm
High Volume Training I just started this new routine I read about and its impressed me thus far so i thought i'd share it. Mon. Lats, Tue. Chest, Wed Legs, Thurs Back/Shoulders, & Fri Arms. In the morning you do a heavy w ...
Sep 14 2007 8:49pm
I would love to see your workout plan. Can you post it here or under ... more
Oct 03 2007 5:16pm