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No Time for Exercise - We're Not Buying It! No Time for Exercise - We're Not Buying It! When it comes to excuses for getting out of unpleasant tasks, "I don't have time", is one of our favorites. What's great about it is that no one questions ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
help I am a morning exerciser, but right now nothing seem to work help!
Jul 11 2008 4:45pm
Top 5 Exercises to do at Home From SA Change your thoughts Push ups This is my all time favourite exercise to do in the house and can be done almost anywhere. If done correctly it can strengthen stamina and build y ...
Jul 27 2007 4:05pm
Improve your hunched shoulders with these 2 daily exercises I've always had the problem of hunching over at the shoulders. I don't know how the problem evolved, but it's a result of my chest muscles being much tighter than my upper back muscles. I was determ ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
This sounds great! I need this, terribly. I am always easing my shoulders down, just to re ... more
Apr 24 2012 3:30am
Exercising when recovering form injury. Getting into an exercise routine is difficult by itself, but it gets even harder if you are recovering form an injury. But, it is also the one time when your body needs it the most, as the right exer ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
10 Ideas to Get You Exercising There a hundreds of reasons why we don't exercise - just read the excellent comments on the post Why Don't You Exercise. What follows are 10 different ideas or techniques to help you pursue a lifetim ...
Mar 13 2007 11:33am
exercise during pregnancy On the television show, Three Takes, this morning, a trainer from Diesel Fitness showed a pregnant woman a few exercises to keep her fit during her pregnancy. Here are some tips: Squats-keep a f ...
Nov 09 2007 8:43am
When exercise becomes a routine. Exercise is not just about weight reduction, but it extends beyond that into the wellness of your entire self. When I started walking to reduce weight, I used to motivate myself by thinking that I w ...
Jul 29 2007 4:48am
Choosing the right activity Sticking to a routinre is never easy, but if you choose the right exercsise, you are half way there. Doing what you like to do will help you stick to it. Hjere are some questions you should ask yo ...
Jun 25 2007 12:05am
looking for recommendations on a flexibility and endurance class in the early mornings I'm trying to find something to do that will help me with kayaking and with pain management (where pain is caused by old injuries and lack of exercise). I've got time between 7:00am and 8:30am, and ...
Mar 04 2008 10:29am
I thought about yoga, particularly for the stretching parts. My sweetheart thought that s ... more
Mar 04 2008 4:17pm