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Fitness Workouts on-the-Go are Now Enabled by Mobile Phone Applications Best part is the Fit Girl App weight-loss lessons are developed by experts with 22 years of experience, and after testing the same through a number of end-users for proving the effectiveness. Theref ...
Jan 03 2013 8:09am
Allstate Insurance Disability Problems Greetings All, I have a serious problem with Allstate Insurance. I am a divorced male and part of my divorce agreement states that I have to have a disability policy in case I get hurt so as to be abl ...
Jan 25 2009 5:01am
It is a pity that you have so harsh time to get a policy to fulfill that kind of agreement ... more
Jun 14 2011 6:05pm
Enhance Mobility Endurance training is very physical. is a product that can enhance mobility, weight loss, more energy, PHYISICAL VITALITY, help with sleep, memory and brain function. feeling o ...
Dec 27 2007 10:49am
Mood Journal Mobile App Mood Journal is a mobile app for recording and recognizing mood changes, logging healthy physical activity, medication taken and sleeping patterns. Information can be kept for personal records or sh ...
Oct 19 2009 11:39am
It's  saturday again and I feel like I am stuck in the movie Ground Hog Day.  I went out ... more
May 01 2010 7:29pm
New Fitness Phone! March 6, 2008 It is inevitable that one day our mobile phones will monitor the body’s key functions - ubiquitous usage of such a device moved closer this week when Samsung and Adidas announced the m ...
Mar 07 2008 10:26am
Cell Phone Warning It seems that no matter where you go, there's someone on their cell phone: in the car, the gym, the Laundromat; I've even heard of people answering their phone during sex! I can't think of any call th ...
Jul 08 2007 5:00pm
Philips 598: The Phone For Weight-Conscious Women Philips are releasing a cell phone targeted towards women. What's intriguing about the phone is the feature set. The features include both a Body Mass Index calculator and a Basal Metabolic Rate feat ...
Mar 21 2007 12:12pm
phone walking buddies! I was reading this month’s Elle magazine and my favorite columnist, E. Jean. She had a great idea: phone walking buddies! You call a friend up at a specifically arranged time and you both walk “toge ...
Jan 07 2008 4:41pm
That's a wonderful idea. I moved and lost my walking partner. Though I must say neithe ... more
Jan 09 2008 12:56pm
Just pick up the phone and call your mom. I've always admired people who have regular conversations with their mothers over the phone. Their relationships aren't perfect, of course, but I always get the sense that these are people who striv ...
Jan 29 2008 11:51am
Like you, I'm not a fan of talking on the phone, but it's better than email (I think). ... more
Jan 30 2008 12:03pm
Uses of Automated Business Phone Systems A normal phone system can be converted to a digital business phone system. Today, most of the automated business phone systems are inexpensive and have all the necessary features that can make calli ...
May 23 2010 9:33pm