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Mix It Up Is your workout schedule on auto pilot? Monday-treadmill, Tuesday-upper body, Wednesday-elliptical, Thursday-lower body, Friday-spinning class. It's predictable and boring. Take some time to mix it ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Discover the healthy mix of the Mediterranean diet Two serves of fish a week, one to two glasses of wine a day, generous lashings of olive oil, vegetables with every meal and limited meat are the healthy mix of a mediterranean-style eating, accordin ...
Jun 02 2010 3:45am
Mixed Martial Arts The Stanford Martial Arts Program will be sponsoring a series of Sunday Seminars in 2007-2008 with instructors, coaches and athletes from various disciplines including modern mixed martial arts. Che ...
Oct 18 2007 4:32pm
Forget mixed drinks-try the wine For all you 21+, if you're out for a night on the town, think twice before ordering a fruity mixed drink. You can still get the sweetness you crave from certain types of wine, with fewere calories, an ...
Oct 11 2007 7:22pm
When I look at the year long makeovers in Allure magazine, I keep reading about these youn ... more
Oct 23 2007 2:03pm
Multitasking, mixing exercise fights boredom Stretch. Slide. Yawn. Stretch. Slide. Yawn. In most exercise classes, boredom sets in at about 30 minutes. At the Fitness Guru in Brooklyn, cross-training is used to combat monotony. An hour-long work ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Subfighters - Mixed Martial Arts in Lake Forest, CA In Lake Forest. Call Russ Miura for info. on being part of our team. Russ 559-304-5935
Oct 12 2007 1:12pm
Running Mix Recommendations Since I don't have a running partner right now, I rely heavily on music to keep me going. I'm looking for recommendations for great running songs...
Jan 30 2007 6:07pm
Have you downloaded the song from "Rocky"? more
Oct 14 2007 5:06am
Fatigue is a Signal Are you tired a lot? I mean, REALLY tired? Being fatigued sometimes is natural; feeling chronically fatigued is a signal that something is not right. Here’s a list of some of the most common caus ...
Sep 01 2007 7:47pm
I have been "tired" for 25 years.  I have been irritable, impatient, frustrated.  My body ... more
Aug 24 2010 8:10am
Dealing with the Dreaded "C-Word"...Constipation Constipation is an epidemic in this country. Abdominal distension, straining during bowel movements, hard stools and the feeling of unrelenting fullness after a bowel movement are all signs of constip ...
Sep 01 2007 8:02pm
Understanding Food Sensitivities Food sensitivities are a commonly misunderstood topic. What are food sensitivities? Are they the same as food allergies? Can a person develop a sensitivity after eating something for years with no ...
Sep 01 2007 8:00pm