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Walking for a healthy mind I have said it before and I shall say it again. One of the best peices of advice out there is to keep your car parked and walk whenever you can. It is better for your health and better for the envir ...
Dec 27 2007 3:56am
... shopping. I have to fight being irritated in walking across a parking lot! However, I know ... more
Dec 27 2007 10:22am
Watch your posture when walking! Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. (famous author, Harvard physician and natural healing advocate) says that we have to be careful of our posture. So, when you are walking, keep mindful of that! He calls the old ...
Dec 15 2007 8:32pm
Practicing Mindfulness It takes such a small amount of time each day to create the habit of cultivating mindfulness. One great exercise is called a walking meditation where you walk very slowly and feel each step a nuance o ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
"Walking" without walking Some of you may not be able to walk in the traditional sense at all. My uncle in law was a star of the Wheelchair Olympics. Having been shot and paralyzed since the age of 19, he made up his mind to ...
Dec 31 2007 2:26pm
Walk to books on tape! Remember “books on tape”? Well, now they’re on CD’s that you can download and put on your MP3 player. Here’s a little variation from your standard tunes on your daily walk: listen to some books! You ...
Dec 19 2007 6:41pm
Walk in Water If you want to step up your workout, try walking in water. If you walk in water that is thigh deep you burn twice as many calories as you would on dry land. That's more than 200 calories in just hal ...
Jul 17 2007 1:22pm
... I feel like shoes are just so annoying when walking. Now, my feet will feel light and I i ... more
Dec 14 2007 5:16pm
You get to know the city better on foot then in a car. When you're walking, you really get to know the city. Yes, it may take longer then if you were to drive, but think of it as exercise as well as therapy. Choose a destination, the distance depends on h ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I walk everyday, though usually it's just to get to and from work. But, I love to walk aro ... more
Aug 31 2007 5:57pm
HELP!!! Hello,   In regards to my university researches, I need to see whether walkers from every corner of the world are that different.   Would you mind to tell me how do you prepare your walk ...
Jul 30 2010 5:08am
Getting Fit in the Garden! Part 2 - Moderate Aerobic Gardening So, you?ve gotten yourself out into the garden. You?ve realized that since gardening is exercise, you need to do basic and important things to prepare yourself like: ? Take time to fully stretch and ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
When the Music Stops...Try Meditative Running I recently read an article reporting that people who exercise to their favourite tunes stick with the exercise longer. It works for me. I’ve loaded my iPod Shuffle with some of my favourite motivati ...
Jul 02 2007 6:36am
I enjoy working out with my iPod, but I do not like not knowing what is going on around me ... more
Aug 21 2007 10:23am