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yoga instructor Sugar Land TX Does anybody know quality yoga instructor near Sugar Land, Tx area; specifially does anybody know where Micki Dharma teaches now? Feel free to reply to:
Oct 30 2007 10:10am
By Land or By Sea Whether you walk on dry land or in waist high water a recent study at the University of Utah found that you would lose the same amount of weight. People who walk in pools, will walk slower be cause ...
Sep 22 2007 3:34pm
The right way to land the feet while running The other day, I was running in the park and this guy stopped and told me that the way I landed my feet was wrong. He said that I should land on the toes, while I was landing on the heels. I ...
Sep 28 2007 2:47am
essentialy during normal gait you would strike at your heel.  When sprinting you tend ... more
Feb 16 2009 1:41pm
Safe Sippy Giveaway at The Soft Landing Anyone up for another giveaway??? My trusty resource for non-toxic kid gear,The Soft Landing, has started another giveaway and I wanted to let you all know. They are giving away 3 of these Safe Sippys ...
Jul 24 2008 11:11pm
Sleep Problems and Memory Loss Related Among Older Women According to experts at the University of California, San Francisco, older women with memory problems tend to have more difficulty sleeping than those without. The study followed 2,500 women, averag ...
Aug 05 2007 5:40pm
Blood Sugar Conversion can also determine your blood sugar levels   Blood Sugar Converter The converter permits the user convert blood sugar between  mg/dl(US) and  mmol/L(UK). It ca ...
Aug 24 2009 8:27pm
Sugar Struggles Yikes. I can't remember if I posted about my intent to give up sugar before. I believe I did and was being incredibly optimistic and saying it's easy, etc. etc. But I was so wrong! It's been about a m ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Sugar Buster's Diet Ok, so I’m completely biased when it comes to “fad” diets. Typically, I automatically despise them, denounce them and declare them bogus…and I’m usually right. Admittedly, that’s what I did with Sug ...
Feb 05 2007 12:51pm
Of course! It's just I'm somewhat surprised you ... more
Feb 20 2007 10:25am
Fat free, sugar free pudding Last night I tried jello brand fat free, sugar free pudding in cheesecake flavor. It was quick--just add cold milk, and let sit for five mins. It was really pretty good. And at only 35 calories per ...
Jan 17 2008 8:39am
Yeah, I have had that too and it really does satisfy. It helps to put it in a cute dish or ... more
Jan 17 2008 5:40pm
Sugar Lovers, Listen Up! Sugar lovers beware - the USDA's recent new dietary guidelines have some important tips on what to be leery of when reaching for the sweets. Food manufacturers generally use refine sugars to sweet ...
Aug 01 2007 6:37pm
Is sugar in the raw ok? It's that a natural for ... more
Aug 07 2007 1:20am