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In the kitchen: The right tools make preparation easier Fewer than one third of American adults eat enough vegetables, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, despite growing evidence that eating fruits and vegetables lower the risk of ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Prepare for eating out... My kids both play ice hockey and we are on the road a lot for tournaments. The team usually picks a place to eat together for most meals. I usually access the restaurant's website from my hotel room ...
Jul 10 2007 4:04pm
Another idea for managing to eat well when dining out is to start with a salad or even a p ... more
Sep 06 2007 6:07am
food preparation How do you prepare food in the morning to take to lunch? Many items I prepare, such as cucumber and honeydew, turns to mush before lunch. But I see these items on salad bars all the time. What can y ...
Aug 17 2008 9:12pm
Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, I have a mini fridge in my classroom. So wh ... more
Aug 19 2008 8:15pm
Top 5 Ways to Mentally Prepare to Meditate If you are just getting into meditation, it is good to take a few steps to get your mind used to the idea that you're about to meditate. These 5 steps are suggestions you could use to mentally and p ...
Jul 27 2007 4:57pm
Starting a meditation practice can be a daunting task...especially when we realize just ho ... more
Sep 09 2009 7:07am
Preparing for a marathon Participating in a marathon requires an amazing amount of commitment and motivation. And it is easier to say than put it into practice. A good motivation technique to realize a goal is to imagine a ...
Jun 26 2007 11:58pm
Interval training to prepare for consistent running/jogging Hesitant to jog or run for long distances? Consider building up to that point by interval training, starting by walking at a quicker than normal pace, then speeding it up to a light jog. Try and spend ...
Oct 05 2007 8:44pm
That's awesome that your body can handle running at intervals-I wish I could (a back injur ... more
Nov 06 2007 7:02pm
Be prepared to eat healthy If you're like the majority of Americans, eating healthy can be a problem if you're constantly on the go--but that doesn't mean that you can't stock your kitchen with nutritious edibles that'll give ...
Jun 03 2008 4:31pm
Tips on healthy summer travel: Prevent troubles by being prepared One of the complications of summer travel is staying on top of your medication when you are not in your usual routine. Add to that, getting medicines and syringes through airport security, running out ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Yoga Retreat in the Costa Rican Rainforest! Join certified instructors Kelly Lubeck and Sandy Ames for a week-long Retreat in the Costa Rican Rainforest from March 7-13, 2009. We are happy to announce a $200 Friends and Family Discount to every ...
Feb 01 2009 12:48pm
Grandpa's meal tips! My grandfather was a heart surgeon who lived to be 98.5 years old. He used to enjoy helping prepare meals at home, especially when my grandmother’s arthritis kicked up. He advised me that a dinner s ...
Aug 29 2007 9:52pm
... curious; what other things were in Grandpa's meals besides a hot veggie and a salad? more
Oct 02 2007 1:02pm