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Mixed Martial Arts The Stanford Martial Arts Program will be sponsoring a series of Sunday Seminars in 2007-2008 with instructors, coaches and athletes from various disciplines including modern mixed martial arts. Che ...
Oct 18 2007 4:32pm
Introduction to Martial Arts Class! The Department of Physical Education at Stanford University offers a different section of the "Introduction to Martial Arts" class each quarter. The class is taught by instructors from the award win ...
Dec 19 2007 2:38pm
Stanford Taekwondo Stanford Taekwondo One of two Club Sports in the Stanford Martial Arts Program, Taekwondo is a dynamic martial sport that highlights kicking, footwork, competitive str ...
Oct 18 2007 4:47pm
The mentality behind martial arts I've heard stories, and even seen a commercial recently, that give the impression that martial arts is a perfect way to build confidence. In fact, as a child I was verbally, and once or twice physic ...
May 19 2008 7:15pm
... streets, though I met someone who practiced martial arts. I think she did karate too, whi ... more
Apr 22 2010 1:19am
martial arts/boxing in socal i just moved to the South Bay California and am looking for a good martial arts and/or boxing school. any recommendations? thanks
Aug 30 2007 6:13pm
I think he means the South Bay in SoCal. There is a "South Bay" up in the Bay Area (south ... more
Sep 06 2007 10:52am
Krav Maga - Israeli Martial Art It's been a while since I've taken it, but Krav Maga is a fantastic, fun martial art. It is from Israel, and it comes from how they train their troops. The style is raw street-fighting, so you learn ...
Oct 06 2007 11:09pm
... hich involved learning more about the combat martial art. Krav Maga also teaches how to ... more
Oct 11 2007 7:33am
Subfighters - Mixed Martial Arts in Lake Forest, CA In Lake Forest. Call Russ Miura for info. on being part of our team. Russ 559-304-5935
Oct 12 2007 1:12pm
Sleeping Beauty Fitness Tips LA-based celebrity trainer Eric Fleishman claims he can transform any woman’s body in 90 days or less. Wow! His “Sleeping Beauty” program combines martial arts, yoga and Pilates. Here are a few of h ...
Sep 10 2007 12:54pm
I think most of that advice is good. I don't agree with not using weights. I think we al ... more
Oct 15 2007 1:18pm
Getting Started I am new to wellsphere and just trying to begin a running program. I would love some advice from all of you with experience under your belt. Here is a little about me: 37 Female. Over the past ye ...
Oct 10 2008 4:26am
Hi Quennie, Congratulations on the weight you've lost! There are a lot of plans for b ... more
Dec 07 2008 11:20pm
the Art of Living course! hallo wondeful bewellers! Wellness is not just about the body, as we all know! It's about taking care of the body, mind, and spirit. I took a wonderful workshop called the Art of Living course, ...
Nov 14 2007 9:00am
I have experienced Art Of Living classes in Dubai, and they are really effective in teachi ... more
Nov 24 2007 2:53am