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Required time is 3:30 I've run two marathons. My first marathon (Canadian International in Toronto Canada), I completed on a dare from my buddies. I had never run more than 1 mile in my life but after sitting at lunch wi ...
Jan 26 2007 7:43pm
Running a marathon is very satisfying for me. Obviousl ... more
Jan 27 2007 10:07am
Learn from Others' Critical Mistakes A few friends of mine recently competed in the 2007 Boston Marathon, running for 26.2 miles in record-breakingly crappy weather. Luckily, the heavy rain had subsided by race morning, leaving them on ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Text of NYTimes article Here is the text of the August 9, 2007 NY Times article on Hood to coast: By YISHANE LEE Published: August 9, 2007 WHEN Tara Ruotolo recruited far-flung pals and friends of frie ...
Aug 09 2007 1:25pm
Thomas Jefferson on walking The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all the exercises walking is the best. – Thomas Jefferson. Well, Thomas Jefferson was born before many of the sports were invented, but pl ...
Dec 31 2007 6:03pm
Running For the Finish Line So, supposedly, if you can run 30 minutes without stopping you should be able to train for a marathon. This is what I had read, so I talked to a friend of mine who had run in a couple marathons. She w ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... think that if a person starts to train for a marathon after they've been able to run for 3 ... more
Dec 09 2008 7:27pm
Great Info About Marathoning! Runner's World has a great series of articles in their recent "Marathoning 101" section. Marathon coaches measure success not by how many runners they get to the starting line, but by how many ...
Sep 04 2007 9:24pm
... nd enough time in training before they run a marathon. They train to do the distance but n ... more
Dec 09 2008 6:45pm
If a handful of challenged high schoolers can run 26.2, certainly you can do 13.1! Last year, I did press coverage for the 49th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival. One of the more inspiring films I saw was 'Runners High'( This document ...
Jan 28 2007 4:30pm
Bad marathon idea So I found this video on this morning (click post title above to view) about a beer marathon. The name says it all from what I can tell-in between running laps in the event, participants chu ...
Jul 28 2008 5:19pm
... on of "work hard/play hard", and part of the marathon involves testing your body to see wh ... more
Dec 04 2010 2:30pm
1/2 marathon What should my longest run be, rather, how long does it have to be in training for 13.1?  Can it be 14?????  That would be great!
May 08 2008 11:55am
You can probably finish a half marathon after you've run 10 miles as a long ... more
Dec 09 2008 6:55pm
it's time to start running My friend Karen ran a marathon. My friend Stacy watched people run a marathon (recently in NYC) and called me to say she wanted us to train to run one as well. Eventually, I would do this at some poi ...
Nov 07 2007 11:16pm