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Make Your Own Energy Bar Got an oven? As an alternative to shelling out ample dollars on PowerBars and Clif Bars and the like, why not make your own? Bay Area-based Matisse & Jack's has introduced TrailBlaze bake-at-home ener ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Think Thin Bars I discovered a new snack/energy bar this week: Think Thin, which claims to deliver strength, beauty, vitality, and energy. The bars do deliver 20 grams of protein with only two net carbs, and plenty o ...
Jun 25 2007 11:01am
I, too, am a fan of the Think Thin bars. There are many bars out there that are ... more
Jun 29 2007 10:19am
Organic Peak Bar At Walgreens today, I found an energy bar I'd never seen before, PeakBar. The flavor I tried, a Chocolate Brownie "Women's Health" variety, is mostly organic, contains only 200 calories, two grams of ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I Have to Share This Now I am writing an article on how to market energy bars. I came across these two facts on a web site called Nutrition Action: "The word “energy” on any label simply means that the food supplie ...
Oct 26 2007 2:04pm
... gar, other carbs, fat, everything is called "energy" on these bars...even B vitamins or ca ... more
Oct 28 2007 9:07am
Eating on the Run Runners on the go with limited time and money need a food plan that combines solid nutrition, convenience, and relatively low cost. We need our carbs, moderate protein and fat, preferably consumed w ...
Aug 28 2007 10:19am
I don't know how I missed this article in Runner's World. I wasn't aware of the magical q ... more
Aug 28 2007 7:06pm
Refueling Refueling in a triathlon is a must for a successful race. Consuming water is vital along with energy gels or energy bars. Don't forget a little bit of sports drink with the water.
Oct 15 2007 9:11pm
Actually, I've never heard of salt tabs, although it seems like a better, more natural alt ... more
Jun 26 2008 8:03pm
The BIGGEST mistake people make with fat loss I notice a HUGE mistake that people make is basically getting their calories throughout the day in the form of liquids! BIG no-no. If you're trying to lose weight, you need to get rid of the coffee,en ...
Feb 17 2008 3:22am
Go Vega For Better Health, Performance If you're on the go for long periods of time, whether as an athlete or as just an all-around busy person (or both), it's often a challenge to follow a plant-based diet. Try carrying around a large sal ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Ausangate Hiking 2011, 2012.... CUSCO Peru Ausangate Trekking (the Nicest Trekking of Peru) Departures 2011 2012….Email: inkatrailcusco@yahoo.esWeb For Ausangate Trek (the nicest trekking in Peru). We have designed ...
Sep 22 2010 6:37am
Carb/Protein Snacks For Before or After Workouts Snacks are an important part of a sports nutrition plan, whether you use them to stock up on energy, fuel your performance, aid recovery, or supplement your calorie intake. Carb/protein snacks work we ...
Aug 31 2007 10:18am