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Secret weapon for weight loss - a detox diet? I'm sure you've heard about a "detox diet" before. With so many options and ways to lose weight, believe it or not, a detox diet is one of the healthiest. And, it is one of the most beneficial to si ...
Jan 07 2010 9:32pm
Hi,      Detox, short for detoxification, is the body's natural, ongoing process of n ... more
Jan 17 2013 9:30am
Stanford Eskrima Stanford Eskrima is a student group at Stanford University dedicated to the study of the Filipino martial art of Eskrima. Eskrima focuses on practical self-defense from a unique weapons-oriented per ...
Oct 19 2007 10:23am
Eat well to prevent illness According to the world health organisation, the best immunization is a good diet. Pre-prepared, packaged foods that are filled with caffeine, sugar and preservatives fail to give the body any nutrie ...
Nov 01 2007 5:42pm
Cellulite Shoes! Anti-Cellulite Shoes! Oh, there are zillion and one anti-cellulite products out there. But the Masai Barefoot Technology shoes are a unique concept. Invented by Swiss engineer Karl Muller, they are d ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I saw these shoes in an online catalog and wonder if there is anyone else out there who ha ... more
Oct 14 2007 7:40am
Fencing Lingo for Newbies Here are some common fencing terms and their meanings accoding to the United States Fencing Association: Advance Taking a step towards one's opponent. ...
Sep 25 2007 5:47am
Naked Gym A gym called Fitworld in the Netherlands recently instilled "Naked Sundays" after requests from some of its nudist members. The inaugural launch was, um, flabby, with only a smattering of middle-aged ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
damn haha more
Jun 25 2008 2:25pm
Stanford Wushu Stanford Wushu A beautiful and contemporary performance-based art, Wushu combines elements of traditional Chinese martial arts, acrobatic-like movement ...
Oct 18 2007 3:35pm
Open Water Techniques Open Water Techniques and Tips By Greg Chatham for Front of the Pack Triathlon Store Warm water – Always wear what you’ll race in. If you’re looking to place you can always wear a fastskin type sho ...
Jan 28 2007 2:06pm
Greg, thanks for the tip and swim advice at the store earlier today. Good thing I didn't ... more
Sep 19 2007 9:46pm
Okinawan Kobudo Did you know that the San Francisco Bay Area is home to one of the world's foremost authorities on kobudo? Sensei Toshihiro Oshiro, whose dojo is in San Mateo is an incredible master of true Okinaw ...
Oct 19 2007 3:12pm
Don't Get Hit By the Pots and Pans Reports are swirling on the potential dangers of using pots and pans. Not as weapons, although that might cause some serious harm (!), but as cooking utensils that purportedly seep metal into our fo ...
Nov 12 2007 2:30pm
You use non-stick pans so you use less oil, which is bad for you, but then the pans themse ... more
Nov 29 2007 8:33pm