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Try this low-salt gazpacho recipe Cold soup can be welcome relief during these hot late-summer days, but typically gazpacho is loaded with salt – 739 calories in one cup if you use the canned, ready to serve kind. If you’re trying ...
Aug 25 2007 6:36am
Blood Sugar Conversion can also determine your blood sugar levels   Blood Sugar Converter The converter permits the user convert blood sugar between  mg/dl(US) and  mmol/L(UK). It ca ...
Aug 24 2009 8:27pm
Sugar free Chilled Yogurt Drink I have already shared the recipe for the chilled yogurt drink with sugar. This one substitutes sugar with salt and it's a great low calorie drink that is also good on taste. In fact, those who don't ...
Jun 27 2007 12:26am
No Need To Eat Sugar! Some Healthy Alternatives to Sugar Because sugar is sold abundantly in every food shop in the world, it is not acknowledged as the health criminal that it is. Many people still belie ...
Dec 04 2007 6:28am
Thanks for this post. It gave some invaluable information. more
Dec 08 2007 6:19am
The 7 Most Sugar Filled Drinks Added sugars are the bane of our modern diet - and drinking sugar is arguably the easiest way to over-indulge. What are the most sugary drinks? Hype Per 8oz: 64 grams Per 8.45oz / 250ml can: 67.5 H ...
May 08 2007 11:06am
White Rice is worse than sugar It's true. White rice will raise your blood sugar faster than eating sugar straight from the bag. That doesn't mean you have to forsake rice altoghether. Eat basmati rice. It has a longer stra ...
Nov 08 2007 3:19pm
sugar alternatives There are so many gorgeous sugar alternatives that it hardly seems necessary to use sugar in baking. Fructose, honey, and dates are some of the best ways of making sugarless muffins, cakes, and bis ...
Aug 21 2007 11:57am
I've heard a lot lately that sugar substitutes don't help you because they ... more
Oct 03 2007 9:35am
Sugar Free Cookies! Anne found me this recipe, and these cookies are delicious! I thought I would post it for everyone! 1/2 C. softened margarine 1 egg 1 t. vanilla 1/4 C. non-fat dry milk 1/2 C. sugar Twin 1/4 C. ...
Jun 04 2007 4:13pm
My mom makes sugar free cookies that she says came from Pa ... more
Jan 12 2008 4:11pm
Say goodbye to Candyland! - Banishing Sugar From Your Diet Consuming too much sugar keeps you awake at night, rots your teeth, and makes you fat. Simple as that. It's easy to suggest removing sugar from your diet, however it is often much harder to do! ...
Oct 05 2007 4:11pm
Tamara, first of all - nice crown! second, thanks so much for the great ideas. I myself ... more
Oct 10 2007 11:39pm
Asian Vegan Recipe: Pineapple Coconut Noodles Quick Easy Asian Noodle Recipe from Nava Atlas's Cookbook, Vegan Express Nava Atlas's new cookbook, Vegan Express, written for busy vegans, delivers 160 recipes for quick, delici ...
Mar 24 2008 3:24pm